Three Times Tinubu's Wife, Remi Had Altercations With Her Colleagues in the Nigeria Senate

Senator Remi Tinubu, 60, a former First Lady of Lagos state was in the news again this week. 

Remi is the wife of All Progressives Congress (APC) national leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and she represents Lagos Central senatorial district in the Nigerian Senate. 

She is also a ranking senator having been in the red chambers since 2011 during the 7th National Assembly. 


Senator Remi Tinubu  

Interestingly, Remi is a pastor in the popular Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG. 

Her ordination took place in 2018 at the Old Arena of RCCG, Lagos/Ibadan Expressway where the church held its 66th annual convention. 

Remi and her senatorial squabbles 

        1. Remi Tinubu and Dino Melaye In July 2016, there was an altercation between Senator Dino Melaye from Kogi state and Mrs. Tinubu which saw both lawmakers calling each other names and charging at each other. 

Those who witnessed the incident, which occurred during a closed-door meeting held by senators, said trouble started when Melaye urged the Senate to descend heavily on members who had offered to serve as prosecution witnesses in an ongoing forgery case against then-Senate President Bukola Saraki and his deputy, Ike Ekweremadu. 

Melaye was quoted as saying: “You should go and tell those who sent you that nobody, I said nobody, no matter who he is, can ever control this Senate.” 

 When Mrs. Tinubu was recognised to speak, she rose and said: “I’m just wondering why whenever Senator Dino speaks in this chamber, he is always threatening people and behaving childishly and at times like a thug.” 

At that point, Melaye jumped up from his seat and charged towards Mrs. Tinubu, saying: “Look this is not Bourdillon (referring to the famous Lagos residence of Mrs. Tinubu’s politician husband). I will beat you up, impregnate you and nothing will happen.” 

At the time, most Nigerians supported Mrs. Tinubu as the Kogi senator already had a history of being brash and loose with his public comments. 

2. Remi Tinubu and Elisha Abbo 

     In July 2019, Mrs. Tinubu had an open confrontation with another colleague of hers, Elisha Ishaku Abbo from Adamawa state. 

Abbo who was caught on camera assaulting a woman in an Abuja sex toy shop appeared before a Senate committee set up to investigate the incident. 

Senator Tinubu who was one of the committee members had asked Abbo to swear an oath before saying anything. 

He bluntly refused, saying the matter was in court. 

His words: “This matter is in court. I cannot be talking in front of cameras when the matter is already in court. That’s subjudice.” Tinubu then responded: “Distinguished, you just joined us. We have a procedure and we are also under law. You don’t come in here and dictate to us what should be done. You are on the other side now. You don’t tell us what to do…because we can suspend you.” 

Following the female lawmaker’s comment, an angry Abbo promptly interjected: “I will not sit here and listen to you threaten me with suspension. I am a senator like you. You cannot threaten me with suspension.” The chaos reportedly lasted for some minutes and newsmen were subsequently asked to leave in order for the meeting to continue behind closed doors. 

Again, most Nigerians supported Mrs. Tinubu because the Adamawa senator was guilty based on video evidence. 

3. Remi Tinubu and Smart Adeyemi Senator 

        Tinubu on Tuesday, April 27 tackled her APC colleague, Senator Smart Adeyemi over his comments concerning the mounting insecurity problems in Nigeria. 

Contributing to a motion on insecurity during the plenary, Adeyemi said: 

“This is the worst instability we are facing. In fact, this is worse than the civil war.” 

But Senator Tinubu interrupted him, asking: “Are you in PDP (Peoples Democratic Party)? Are you a wolf in sheep’s clothing?” Adeyemi, however, ignored her comments and continued: “I’m a party man and I’m supporting APC but it has gotten to a point that as supporters we cannot keep quiet.”

 This time, Nigerians criticised Mrs. Tinubu for making attempts to stop her colleague from speaking his mind due to political considerations, Legit has gathered.

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