Nigeria: The Giant Of Africa, An Elephant Not Worthy To Be Called An Ant

If people are talking, they will be saying Nigeria is the giant of Africa. Nigeria: the giant that wears poverty as a knicker and injustice as his sneakers. Sometimes, I do imagine the extent to which we have been deceived. 

Hysterically, it do amaze me anytime they said Nigeria is the giant of Africa. Which kind of giant are we? In my own view. I will say we are "the African giant that is not up to an ant in the eyes of the dwarfs. We have lost our prestige, we have no dignity anymore. We are nothing but nonentity.  

Some people said our population is our problem. But I will argue it. Because, God has really blessed us in this country. We have massive endowment of natural resources that is sufficient enough to sustain us and the generations to come.

But still, we are impoverished by poverty. Assets mismanagement and corruption are part of our leading problems. Both our leaders and multitude of us the citizens are bad. Because it is from among us the citizens that our leaders are chosen. Many people said our mind is black because our skin is black. I will also dispute it too, because it is the rightful conscience that we lack. 

Nigeria a place where the leaders doesn't care about the well being of their people but their own pocket. Before they are voted in to the office. They will be doing like a saint, but once they are voted in they will become a demon and act non-challantly towards the demand of the masses. 

Nigeria: a place where creativity and talent doesn't count. The only things that counts and popularized as a means of amassing wealth is corruption and illegitimate businesses. As if it is only illegitimate ways that money could be gotten from. Who is going to help us. Nobody! I said nobody. 

This is the high time for us to turn to God. It's only God that know who will be our Messiah, not the people we humanly desire or hope that will redeem us. Only God knows the righteous nobody knows. May God choose a person that will take our welfarism as an important and essential thing for us.


Nigeria: a place where injustice resides and decides. The police that are suppose to be protecting the lives of the citizens are the ones that are taking the citizens lives.


Nigeria: a place where banditry and kidnapping is publicly bargain with officials without shameful feeling of incapability to provide adequate security that can overpower rebellious attack. 

 Nigeria: a nation in which the welfare of the people is meaningless and their opinions too are valueless to the government. 

Nigeria: a place where the people forget their conscience and do things unethical based on their selfish preference without remembering that one day they will meet the magnificent God the omnipresence. Most of us the Nigerian youth too,  we no more believe in anything like legitimate money. All we want is a day money. 

Nigeria: a place where honour is not given base on merit but prejudice. Everybody is corrupt. The corrupt system that formulate our society has corrupted us the citizens.

This period is indeed a hard time for the country. We used 'change' to change the 'power' in 2015 with the hope to have positive change but now the change has changed the country to experience more negative changes. All their promises for us is nothing but mirage.

There are some questions that are baffling my mind which I will like to share. Do our politicians even believe that God exist? Do they know that they will face the God one day? Do they know that they are Shepherd over us and they will be questioned by God how they treated us? 

Hysterically, they will be talking of some days or years to come as if they are the owner their own lives. 

They have started their political selfish ambition race again. Some of them will be talking about 2023 as if God has entered an agreement with them that they will be alive till then.

I have an advice for all of you our socio-political leaders, "provide us the citizens with adequate welfare now before the time you will bid the life farewell".

Afolabi Lukman Tubormore

[email protected]


  1. Hmm.. I hope this open our leaders closed eye, good of you Mr writer. You are blessed.


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