30 Years After Wedlock, Editor-in-Chief, SOJ WORLDWIDE ONLINE NEWS, Adesoji Omosebi dishes on the Journey So Far & his New Projects


Hardworking, easy going and determined are just some few words to describe an Online media practitioner, Adesojj Omosebi.

In Lagos, Adesoji Omosebi and his wife, exchanged their wedding vows on March 2nd,  1991.. Still basking in the euphoria of their 30th years wedding anniversary, Adesoji was bubbling when we had a chat at his home in Osogbo, the Osun state capital.

Looking back at the past thirty years, *what has been the difference between your wedding and the actual marriage?*

There wasn't much difference because i married my friend in the first place. What we had at that time was an unconditional love devoid of sentiment or emotion.
We were able to forge ahead because we are not forced into the marriage. It was a mutual agreement.

   •People say that the marriage is where the real test begins, where the real school is. *Is that true? Tell us your view*

First and foremost, before a Man goes into marriage he must be matured, tolerant, accommodating, caring, loving and should be able to give full attention to her partner.

The principle that made our marriage exist till date originated from me.

I discovered early enough what causes disharmony in any marriage is a third party intervention.
I told her pointedly immediately we got married that none of us should report any issue to a third party, no matter how serious the issue could be, no matter how close we are to such person, mother, father, brothers or sisters. Should that happen that would be the end of our marriage. That was the riot act I told my wife when we started our journey.

To the Glory of God no one can say from both sides of our families that we brought any issue for settlement before them.
It was not all bed of roses, we fight, we disagree on issues but we always settle it amicably when our tempers subsided.

     •I understand you were a banker in one of the leading banking industry in Nigeria, before pushing your into a career in Journalism in 2017 despite huge and attractive salary with other benefits from bank compared to Media industry.  *How did your journey start as a Publisher of SOJ WORLDWIDE ONLINE NEWS? *

I retired as a banker after a stipulated number of years according to the bank's policy. 
Precisely, I retired from Fidelity Bank Plc in July 7, 2016, that was on my birthday.

My sojourn as a banker was a digression, I had wanted to be a Journalist right from my adolescent age. I got my early inspiration from the likes of Chief Ebenezer Babatope's column in tagged, "Ebino Topsy" and Dr Tai Solarin, "State of the Nation" on Sunday Tribune.

Between 1982 and 1985, I studied Writing Journalism (Correspondence) where I had a Diploma in Journalism, London.
In the course of studying Journalism, I was made the Editor-in-Chief of the Writer's Club in my school.
I got my inspiration from late Dele Giwa of the blessed memory. I prefer rather not to eat than not buying The Newswatch Magazine. It was my weekly tonic at N3.00 per copy.  We have great Journalists like Dan Agbese, Ray Ekpu, Dare Babarinsa and a host of others.
I started working in the bank with my Diploma in Journalism and Secretarial Studies Certificate.

While working in the bank during the turbulent years of IBB and Sani Abacha, there was what was called 'Gorilla Journalism' where you still get publications of The News, Tell, Tempo Magazines posted to diehard news addict that was after they have been proscribed by the then military dictators.
I got my Tempo, The News sent to me every week at the Bookshop House on Broad Street in Lagos through their Despatch Rider only known to me..

Given my love for Journalism and having bagged BSc in Mass Communication at the Lagos State University (LASU) and my Executive-MBA at the OAU, I had it at the back of my mind that it is either Journalism or nothing after my retirement from Fidelity Bank Plc.
I did a feasibility study about online news, I met with some practitioners like the CEO Amiloaded Media Hub, Viral News and Chimat before I took off in 2017.

It was a 'rough road to travel' but I was able to weather through till date because of my passion for it.

     •Can you tell me the experience? At your Daughter's wedding last month, February, where you shared a stage with your lovely wife to witness the fulfillment day!

I was the happiest person on that day, God made the day a reality in spite of the challenges we faced prior to the wedding.  I danced like no man's business because there was 'river of joy flowing in my soul'. It took me three days to recover from the pains I sustained from dancing.

    •I will classify you as someone who intentionally raises voice against bad governance, What prompted your recent publication; titled: Ugly Events Leading To Civil War Already With Us In Nigeria, Where Is President Buhari?

My brothers warned me never to write such again because they believed that the people who wielded power today hate the truth.
I regarded President Muhammadu Buhari as my father until now. I lost some of my childhood friends because of my support for Buhari and APC.

I spent part of my meagre salary to support his campaign in my little ways unfortunately he disappointed me like he did to others. APC as a party did not help matters, there is no difference between it and the party, PDP it swept aside in 2015.

Can you imagine some APC leaders begging Former President Goodluck Jonathan to join the party to contest for presidency in 2023?
Among the creation of God in Nigeria, prostitutes, thieves are not as shameless as Nigerian politicians. That is not to say we do not have credible ones among the politicians but they are less than five per cent. 

I have made up my mind to deal with individuals in the political parties individually.  We no longer have political parties as far as I am concerned.
The article I wrote titled, " Ugly events leading to civil war already with us in Nigeria, where is President Buhari?

Any sane man would ask "where is President Buhari?" because we have never had it so bad. When citizens can no longer discern between lies and the truth from our leaders, then, there is problem.
Only God can save us from civil war unless Mr President takes decisive actions not caring whose ox is gored, the looming crisis may consume Nigeria, God forbid!

    •You launched your Media House   SOJ WORLDWIDE ONLINE NEWS on June 12, 2017 and in three years, it has garnered so much attention. You’ve also been quite consistent with it. How do you keep up?
Are you the one actually putting up these blog posts?

I am a one-man-battalion  doing almost everything because of my flare for writing and my passion for Journalism.
Fake news has taken over social media to the extent that you need to confirm and re-confirm before you can make a decision for publication.

Online Journalism' is extremely tough with meagre incomes, network challenges, hosting renewals, annual domain payments,  government policies, these adversely affect media practitioners  These torments are what we grapple with every day.

    •Three years later, Maris Fashion & Entertainment (the organizer of annual Pageantry) of the Most beautiful face in Osun 2020 honoured you with Golden face of the year 2020 Award. How did the news come to you?

I was surprised to my marrow because I was not informed about it until when my name was announced. I wasn't expecting it, nevertheless it came at a time.
I cannot thank MARIS FASHION ENTERTAINMENT WORLD enough for the recognition given me.

    •What should a Man do to achieve a good and happy home everytime in the journey?

Be open to your partner. be responsible.
I don't tell lies no matter the consequences, lead by example, be transparent, endeavor to provide for your home through legitimate incomes, be yourself, don't do things because others are doing it. Above all, love your partner and be a spiritual father of the family in case of any unexpected storms. Don't ever lift your hand against your wife no matter the level of provocation.

In fact, I told my son-in-law never to beat my daughter, I said if it happened, I won't ask who is guilty but will arrest him immediately. Woman can provoke her husband but the man needs to exhibit maturity otherwise one will become a murderer if care is not taken.


   •Which words would you like to leave your readers, viewers and lovers with as we say goodbye for now?

I would advise our young guys not to run from marriage for the mere fact that they have not made it, you might not make it until you marry that lady. Or if you made it you might not know if the lady loves you because of your possessions or she loves you genuinely.
It is better to marry when you do not have much money but marry someone whom you share same vision and mission with otherwise the marriage may not last.

In addition, I want to tell all lovers of SOJ ONLINE NEWS with a difference that the best is yet to come.
We promise to continue to serve you better with credible and objective news. 

     •I understand you have passion for Music.
*Isn’t that too much of a task?*

*Where did you get some formal training in music writing and composing?*

And What should your fans be expecting from you?

I forgot to inform you that music, acting like Journalism' runs in my veins.
Immediately I finished my secondary School in Nigerian Model High School, Alakara, Idi-Oro, Mushin, I enrolled in Peter King School of Music at Agboju in Amuwo-Odofin in Lagos State.  I dropped out for lack of funds. I got my inspiration in music from Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey when I was in primary school. I could remember I told my parents when they asked me what I would want to do, I told them music with Ebenezer Obey. I doubt if there is any of his albums I don't know. I love everything about Obey, luckily for me his house at Odusina Street, Papa-Ajao Mushin was a street behind Yusuf Street before he moved to Ijoko in Ota.

I was a Choir Master in Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) for seven years in Lagos. I composed my music when I am alone or when I am in the bathroom.  I released NEVER TOO LATE because I told God I want to release an album, at least a record as pastime unlike Journalism'. 

There is possibility that I would release another one because people who loved my first album have been troubling me to release another one.

I am also an actor, I was an executive member of Drama and Cultural Society in my secondary school.
I was the President of a Drama Ministry with some friends, "Divine Grace Music and Drama Ministry".
I acted a leading role in a stage play titled, "A Man Indeed" where I played a leading role with the likes of the ace broadcaster, Bisi Olatilo as MR THOMAS.
Among my course-mates in Communication Department in LASU, Anthony Village Campus, they don't know me as Adesoji Omosebi but 'A MAN INDEED! or MR THOMAS'.
My friend "Oro po ninu iwe Kobo"
Thank you.

   •It was great chatting with you Mr Elisha Adesoji Adesoji and I am Bright Olorungbotemi from Voice Air Media(VAM News), we wish the family the very best!

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