Why Do Women Prefer Generosity From Men But Pretentiously Look Otherwise

Stinginess is an unattractive trait in a man. Honour and respect find no beautiful place for a stingy man. And by choice, women dislike stingy men like hell but in most cases, pretend as if they don't care a hoot about their wallets. Deep down, they do. Parsimonious guys maintain limited friends; for they see nothing but wastefulness in every expense incurred.

On the other hand, generosity is a flirt that has so many friends to cavort with, most especially women. Generous people are always surrounded by friends, foes for material benefits. Honour and encomium of some sorts are showered profusely upon them, and in some cases genuinely and sometimes fulsomely.

However, neither Stingy Men Association of Nigeria (SWAN) nor Generous Men Association of Nigeria (GMAN) I belong but, why do women pretend?

I ask the above question because in most cases ladies get men confused when the game of 'open and close door' is about to be played.

When ladies are asked to name their price, they go berserk claiming they are not whores. In actual sense, they are not. 

However, when invited to crash overnight and stipend is offered for fare the following morning, guys are tagged parsimoniously stingy. What exactly do ladies want from men??

No one should bother himself because of the pose above, Mr. Akinsola seems to have gotten a succinct response to this puzzle when he posted: "There is an old joke, sometimes featuring Winston Churchill, in which a man approaches a woman at a cocktail party and asks her if she will sleep with him for one million pounds. 

“Perhaps,” she replies coyly, adding something to the effect of, “but of course we would have to discuss the terms.” The man then asks her if she will sleep with him for one pound, to which she replies, “Of course not! What sort of woman do you think I am?” The man’s response: “We have already established what sort of woman you are. All we are doing now is negotiating the price.”

If you don't spend money they shut their door". And son of a man might not be able to hold himself. All what we plead is let us negotiate your price unpretentiously; not every guy is stubbornly and religiously stingy.

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