34-Year-Old Drives Into Dam After Following Google Maps’ Directions

An Indian man on Wednesday, drowned after driving his car into a dam while allegedly following Google Maps directions.

Indian Express reported on Wednesday that Satish Ghule, was driving his employer Guru Shekhar, as well as his friend Sameer Rajurkar, on Sunday in Akole town, Ahmednagar district.

As the trio approached Kalsubai, they lost their way and required directions from Google Maps. The navigation displayed to them a way that included a bridge that remains underwater for over 4 months after the water from the Pimpalgaon dam was released by the authorities.

Unfortunately, the information was not up to date on Google Maps so the trio were issued no warning of any kind on the map.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Superintendent of police Rahul Madhne said, “There is a bridge there, which is working for eight months. However, for four months after the rainy season, the water of the dam is released and the bridge goes submerges and therefore makes it unusable.

Since it was dark, the trio mistakenly drove into the water as they didn’t notice the bridge was no longer there.

The police said three of them managed to come out through a window, however the driver, Ghule had no swimming experience and couldn’t rescue himself, Shekhar and Rajurkar swam and came to the shore.

The locals went to the scene and rescue them.

Ghule’s body was on Sunday removed out of the water and was immediately rushed to a nearby public health care facility, where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

The Police meanwhile said they have reported the death as accidental.

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