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_Get Returns On Your Investment With HB4 Universal Service Limited - Sure Investment For Nigerians, Diaspora.

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WELCOME to HB4 UNIVERSAL SERVICE is a registered enterprise under THE CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION (CAC) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with 3003871. 

Basically, the company engages in MONEY MARKET TRADING, REAL ESTATE, AGRICULTURE AND GENERAL MERCHANDISE. The company is in her second year of operation and has consistently proven to be reliable with a sustainable and reliable structure. 

In a chat with VAM News, HB4 offers a fantastic investment package that allows the general public to trust their money with her for a period of 25 working days or more (depending on agreement), in which she immediately put to work. 

HB4 has a team of personnel that work for her in order to ensure the investors are catered for efficiently. HB4 is also in partnership with other competent registered investment companies. 

On a daily basis, HB4 works toward expanding the profit margin of the company by taking advantage of various calculated opportunities in profitable investment and seeking for professional/technical and financial aid when needed. 

Further on the investment scheme, we provide a signed Memorandum of understanding (MoU), which serves as an agreement and an obligation to pay as at when due (receipt of transaction). 

                   WHAT WE OFFER 

We have an investment cycle which maturity period is 25 working days, after which the investor will get 20% return on investment (ROI). The least investment portfolio is FIFTY THOUSAND NAIRA (N50,000)

                TERMS AND CONDITIONS 

1. All investors are expected to be sixteen (16) year old and above, should have a

bank account, and are believed to be of sound mind to be able to execute transactions and enter into an agreement.

2. The minimum investment portfolio is FIFTY THOUSAND NAIRA (₦50,000), and the maximum number of portfolios that can be created for an individual in a month is five (5).

3. All investors must ensure they receive their Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) immediately their payment is confirmed as it serves as a receipt of investment.

4. All investors are expected to sign the portion of MoU to ascertain that the money used for investment is not gotten through any means of fraudulent activity.

5. The investment period is 25 working days, the return on investment after this period is 20%. A signed copy of the MoU must be produced at the end of every investment cycle as a proof of investment.

6. Investment cannot be withdrawn before the due date. In any case of emergency, Investors who need to withdraw their investment before the due date should be ready to take a percentage reduction in their deposit and it would take 1-5 working days to process. The company has the full right to make decision on the consideration of refund before due date.

7. At the end of every investment cycle, if an investor request for a full withdrawal of an investment portfolio, the investor would have to wait for another 48hrs to create a new investment portfolio.

8. All investors must update their next of kin details and other important information as stated when prompted as this is a standard procedure of the company. Note that the information will be available for input when the website is launched.

9. In cases of unlikely event of unfavourable market conditions, investors would be required to give the company a time frame of 4-6 months during which the terms of investment would be fulfilled (capital payment as appeared on MoU). The provision here still confirms the investment is safe but might require a longer period. 

     NB: This provision would only be used in rare and very unlikely event.

10. The policies and terms of this agreement is valid for every investment cycle and can only be altered by mutual consent. 

11.HIGHBEEKAY 4 BIT UNIVERSAL SERVICE will NOT be liable for transactions that are not sanctioned by the company's official representative and communication channels. 

12. The above stated terms are subject to review by the company every three (3)months.


i) Full payment i.e payment of the initial capital and the 20% return.

ii) Interest payment i.e payment of only the 20% ROI

iii) Reinvestment of capital and returns (plus addition) i.e total reinvestment of both the capital and the return. The investor MIGHT also decide to add additional capital to the investment. 

                         Official line(s): 08032804855(WhatsApp and call); 08108005829 (call) 

              e-mail: [email protected]

       Put your investing ideas into action with a full range of investments.

     Enjoy real benefits and rewards on your HB4 Universal Service LIMITED investing.

             Thank you for choosing us. We hope to give you premium service. 


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