Opinion: Only Few Of Nigerians Are Enjoying A 'Happy Independence', Many Are Not

Author: Tunidex
An Unhappy black man in chains for illustration

Happy Independence Day my people

This is what many are chanting everywhere they go to. I can recall that I have said that line for 100 times today. And I know that it would be same in every household. But the question is, Is it really a Happy Independence for all?

In my opinion, only one few part of Nigerians are enjoying independence and many others are not happy. I can boldly say it that just today, many people don't know what to eat. Are they happy?

An independence day can be assumed to be a birthday where everyone concerned is supposed to 'jollificate'. Let us see it from this perspective, the day a child comes out of her mothers womb, can be assumed to be womb independence day for a new born. Nigeria was new born on the first of October 1960. That's means that it is a special day every year in life of every Nigerians just like everyone's birthday is important every year. And it suggests that every October 1st, should be a happy and jolly day for all. But, it is not like that.

Independence came 60 years back when Nigeria was successful delivered from the colonial womb of the British Empire. Our birth came with peace and joy and everybody was ready for it. Our masters gave us freedom at no war. And when you are independent it is assume that you can actually take care or capable of anything about you. But as we all claim that we are independent today, not all can boldly attest to the reflection of Independence in their life. Just as how some will have a big house celebration or going out of the country to have a happy independence chill, many are only thinking of how they will eat breakfast, some are thinking of how get a Job. Some on how they will pay the hospital bill.

Some are being massacred in uncontrollable community war.

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