As we celebrate the independence of our dear nation today, I congratulate Nigerians, especially Nigerian students across all institutions of higher learning within the country and in the diaspora.

Sixty years of independence is a milestone we must all celebrate irrespective of our obvious challenges as people and as a nation.

Looking beyond variables that challenges our continuous existence as a one united and independent nation, we must celebrate the resilience, determination, patriotism, iron cast will and never say never spirit of average Nigerians to keep advancing the cause of a better nation.

We must celebrate ourselves as individuals and people bound together by common destiny for our unrelenting faith in the dreams and potentials of this great country “the giant of Africa dream”

This celebration must serve as an avenue for sober reflections on the failures of our past and more importantly, it must serve as a wake-up call to all Nigerians, young and old, especially the Nigerian students on the need to do all it takes to ensure that our dream of a great nation do not die as a dream but a reality that must happen in our lifetime and a reality we must fight to bequeath to our unborn kids. Let this celebration and of course, our current multi-faceted challenges become a prompter for all of us and most importantly the youth to get actively involved and take genuine interest beyond mere social media rants to fight and enthrone leadership that will deliver the promises of a greater future to us as people and as a nation.

As an active stakeholder in the Nigerian state, I have consistently clamoured for youth participation in leadership and nation building and it is on this premise that I have volunteered myself against my personal comfort and against my original design to concentrate fully on my post graduate studies to return to the trenches and fight for the leadership of the once most vibrant youth advocacy structure in Nigeria (NANS).

My effort and sacrifices is to return NANS as a major instrument of advocacy not only for the welfare of Nigerian students but also as major voice of conscience in the fight for genuine leadership, development and the actualization of the Nigerian dream.

We must as the most populous demography in the country, the most active demography of our population accept the responsibility to champion a genuine change, a change that will herald a beginning of a new dawn for the Nigerian people.

The future of this young adult nation rest on our shoulders, hence, we must not fail history, we must coordinate ourselves in our associations, unions, civil society organizations, military and para-military organisation to lawfully synergize and cooperate to advance causes that will unite this diverse nation and security, development, unity and progress.

We must strategically place ourselves to gather the crackers of this country, put it together and fix it. We must be ready to return our nation back to our rightful place amidst the committee of progressive nations.

In recent times, I have had the cause to visit thirty six (36) states of this country, meeting young people, students, student’s leaders from the West to the South and all across the North.

More than ever, my experience in the last few months traversing these states has further exposed me to appreciate the fact that our diversity can indeed be a blessing if well annexed.

During my stay in Maiduguri, Damaturu, Gombe, Yola and Jalingo I saw a very hospitable people, people who believed in the worth and dignity of all men irrespective of the security narrative in Borno State and I concluded, the few bad eggs among us must not be permitted to divide us all and abruptly end our nation.

It is on this premise, that I call on you, young leaders across board, to let us give a fight for this nation, don’t let us give up easily, let us support our leaders to secure this nation, provide jobs for our teaming population, fix our roads, fix our schools, give us standard rail that befits our nation and when and where they fail, let us provide a strong alternative, alternative that represents our common wish and aspirations, alternative that appreciates the programmes, policies and development we desire and seek to advance.

We must not give up on Nigeria. We most come together and solidarize with ourselves and cooperate with ourselves to do all it takes to ensure Nigeria succeed.

I earnestly await your contribution and engagement in this new path.

Congratulations once again as we celebrate our nation and appreciate our struggles of the last sixty years.

Comrade Sunday Asefon
NANS Presidential Hopeful

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