Flash point: The Relationship that Works, by Clever Miracle Moses

Gen 2:23 And Adam said this is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh and she shall be called woman because she was taken out of a man.

A perfect relationship is a relationship that is driven by purpose and ends in marriage; not just some marriage, but a rewarding marriage.

You are always found with the phrase: "I need a lady very beautiful and presentable",  infact, "she must have all I want in a woman", "she must know how to cook very well"...she must be this..she must be that.

You can't get all you want in a woman, you are meant to cultivate her and make her perfect, the way you want her to be.

Stop waiting for a Miss perfect.
The virtue of true friendship is not finding the perfect friend but loving the imperfect friend perfectly.

Don't always expect  love from her because a woman doesn't naturally emit love, she reciprocates the love shown to her.

Lavish her with love and wait for the result: the Bible said wife submit to your husband and husband love your wife, this implies that 80% of the love role is in your hands, play your roles very well and she will definitely submit to you.

Be her protector that she is seeing, that's why you have stronger bones than her, don't use it to abuse her.

Protect her at all times and treat her like a Queen, always remember that she is part of you and was taken out of you 

The ripple effect of this love will make her submit to you for life; in submission there is love, there is care, there is respect.

She will always cherish you for life.


Who is looking for a handsome and good looking man with six packs, financial prowess and greatness. 

How great man becomes is defined by the lady he gets married to.

Do you know you can make him great? Do you know your prayers, support, encouragement and words can make him be that dream man?

Stop looking for ready made men; make your man.

Proverbs  18:22  Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD.

The question is where are you looking for him? I mean that man that you said you are looking for, In a party or Club house? 

If you find him in the club house, how  do you want to bring him to HIS presence (God). 

My sister, it doesn't work that way. The Bible said and God put Adam in Eden which is a delightful spot and put him in His presence.

It only takes the grace of God to change a man and not by your thinking or calculation.

Love and cherish him and avoid comparison because comparing your man to others is the thieft of joy and the beginning of sadness.

Always ask yourself what else can I offer to a man? Can I be the reason he wakes up every morning and smile? 

Can I bring peace to him?
Can i bring joy to him?
Can I bring fulfillment to him?

Can I be the woman a man will vow never to loose in life? 

Can I be his comfort in times of discomfort?

 Can I be his only hope In times of depression?

 Can I hold his hands, encourage him?
Can I give him reasons to know that there are better days ahead? To hope? To build with him? To be there and pray for him even in the darkest of days?

 Can I help him to to actualize his purpose and vision in life?

 What can I offer to him? 

Am I a virtuous woman who is really a pride and a blessing? 

Few Things to Consider Before Going Into a Relationship

* Readiness: The question should be, am I ready? Can I be committed into it, can i give my best at all times? Am i ready to take responsibility and be accountable?

* The Purpose: A saying goes this way, when purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable. Know the aim and where it is heading to, Marriage? Or is it, "let's see how it goes". 

If you can't discover the purpose my sister/ brother don't engage it.. because it has always proven to end up in tears.

* The Presence of God: Before accepting any relationship, my brother/sister seek His presence; don't be moved by 'he has all I want',  you don't love with the eye but with your heart. 

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder and sometimes it can be deceitful. Don't be moved by beauty alone.

* Preparation: Make plans for your future, your spouse, career, work, children, etc. 
Check put his or her plans, pray together about them, plan together.
Every successful home you see today is a product of proper preparation.

Don't wait until the times comes! 
Live ready!!

Hebrews  3:4  For every house is builded by some man; but he that built all things is God.


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