Ondo 2020: Bankole Akinselure calls on politicians, youths to eschew violence

...Urges them to embrace peace before, during and after election

By Tunde Olorungbotemi

Bankole Akinselure

Bankole Akinselure (BANKY), The legislative Aide 2 to Rep. Tajudeen Adefisoye, Idanre/Ifedore federal constituency has called on politicians and youths to eschew violence and embrace peace before, during and after the forthcoming October 10th governorship election in Ondo state.

The Legislative Aide 2 to rep. Tajudeen Adefisoye, member representing Idanre/Ifedore Federal constituency made this statement known to VOICE AIR MEDIA in Idanre on Thursday, Bankole said that In recent democratic practice, the youth has been malign and degenerated to political thugs and peddlers of violence during elections.

That sprout the struggle for "not too young to run" as an enabler for young intelligent minds to get involved in governance rather than thuggery. The awareness has brought a seemingly change in the atmosphere for the youth. Youths held elective positions and were rewarded with appointments in respect for their loyalty.

According to Bankole, the old trend crept in again, and the use of thugs to victimise and oppress others are showing symptoms already in Ondo state. Various sensitisation has been embarked on, and various campaigns has kick started against the use of thugs by the old political gladiators.

The fact remains that, only the miserable are sent on such suicidal errand. And may I intimate the youth with the sincere truth that "the one who bears the bruise would suffer the pains." Thuggery is a political strategy of the weak and the unpopular.  Their sole ideology is to thwart the process and earn the position by crooked means.

While sensitising the political gladiators, political stakeholders,  leaders at every levels, it is also important to sensitize the youth that the mission they are been sent on is the journey of no loyalty rather of death and anguish. It is widely observed that desperation of the political actors birth the use of violence to victimise and force through victory.

He stressed the need for youths to stand firmly against violence, form a formidable force, struggle for leadership in the most legitimate way, impact lives and make changes. We shouldnt give up our life for someone who would never allow his/her children to do same.

I would like to appeal to the youth of Ondo state to eschew violence, embrace peaceful electioneering process. The price of war is worth 100 times of peace, violence never leave without its scars. The 1983 election is a lesson of history. If we fail to learn from history we are prone to make same mistake we made in history.

Also to the concerned stakeholders, elections should not be seen as a do or die affairs, you might be safe in a situation of war but remember not all your relatives enjoy such safety, your properties and investments may not enjoy such safety. Why not embrace peace, canvass for votes peacefully and never mobilise the youth for violence. All stakeholders too should realise that vote buying is tantamount to electoral fraud and an act to short-change the will of the people. We must desist from this act to progress in our polity.

Our choice of withdrawal from the local council elections wasn't a demonstration of cowardice rather a peace move and lack of desperation.  The blood of our people isn't worth any of our ambition. Enemity never end, when you kill an enemy, the son automatically becomes an enemy. Why not embrace sportsmanship and love for one another?

Finally, I use this opportunity to call on Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) stick to the tenets of neutrality before, during and after the election as only a free, fair and credible election remains the only means that leads to credible leadership. We also advice the security agencies to avoid acts capable of affecting the peace of the state and the nation. Politicians should all distant themselves from electoral manipulations in whatever form. Accept the outcome of elections as the will of the people or pursue a legal actions when aggrieved, the statement reads. 

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