Bixt is providing/giving affordable real estate opportunities to Nigerians Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

    By Jiya Majin

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Your neighbour is about to move out of his apartment. If you ask any of the people around you, they are already in contacts with agents and their goal is to get a place that is much better than the one they currently have. You ask why?

It is because everything has changed. The world cannot go back to the way it once was. People used to have cyclical schedules. They would wake up every morning, five times a day, go to the office and return. There was always the going and coming and hardly any staying at home but with the standstill of economies due to the pandemic, companies have begun to implement remote work policies.

Statistically, people have spent the most time at home ever than they have and probably will ever spend. And this has come with a lot of insights into what the housing can be. The house is no longer just a living space, it is now a workspace.

Everyone who had rented a house before did not consider working in it fulltime as an option and now that they have to make that happen, people have discovered just how uncomfortable their housing situation is and are seeking to move.

The work from home policies that are being adopted also means that workers can now stay farther from the city, and this is good news for real estate developers in the suburbs as a lot of people who have been managing little apartment because of their proximity to the workplace can now stretch their wings and live in houses of their dreams anywhere they want it to be.

While this wish is shared by a lot of people and even you might have considered it, one thing everyone knows is that house hunting has always been an issue. So many obstacles; exorbitant rent, poor housing facilities, difficulty in search e.t.c. have made finding a new home a Sisyphean task.

Even for you, who has seen a house that would have been perfect for everything you wanted to do but these obstacles weren’t something you wanted to deal with.
I can tell you that all of that is about to change with this solution that has been created for home-seekers, as well, as people interested in investing in real estate.

This solution offers you full control of your house seeking experience and even the use of the house. Imagine a landlord that lets you be a landlord too? Imagine that you did not have to pay all your rent at once, you could pay it over a while and ease the stress of rent debt? Imagine that real estate was easy to invest in as much as bitcoin is easy to invest in?

All of these solutions will be at your fingertips when you subscribe to Bixt.

       What is Bixt?
Bixt is a Property Management and Real Estate Company that Started in 2019. It intends to connect the average white-collar Nigerian with quality real estate facilities through investment, rental and purchase.

“Real estate investment is, in my opinion, an essential investment avenue, but most see it as a luxury for the elite alone. Out of reach for the average individual. We are here to change that”.

Bixt is offering members of the public easy ways to own or rent homes, as well as, invest in real-estate opportunities they normally wouldn’t invest in because of the inaccessibility. According to Founder and Investment Manager, Jason Wonimidei, “The goal is to simplify the process of finding quality housing for the average individual and to also provide a safe and rewarding system to invest in real estate in Nigeria.” Running operations through their mobile app or website, Bixt offers the user complete control of their house-hunting experience from the screen and comfort of their mobile phones, laptops or tablets. In a feature that emphasizes its commitment to the safety of its users, Bixt also you take virtual tours of the house of your dreams in real-time without expending any unnecessary effort. You can take a look at the bathroom, the kitchen, even the wardrobe all from the comfort of your phone.

     What services do BIXT Provide?

BIXT, currently in their second phase of their rollout, is presenting its subscribers exclusive access to affordable real estate opportunities through three major products, with a fourth that is unique to the market.

BIXT Rental allows Subscribers to find a home out of those available on the home listing.

Are you looking to rent instead of own?

BIXT provides its subscribers with a wide range of apartments to choose from their listing. BIXT can provide its subscribers with Furnished, Unfurnished and Semi-Furnished homes. Allowing you to put those touches that make a house a home with convenience and ease.

BIXT Short-Stay provides the opportunity for subscribers to request short term stays in luxurious and comfortable apartments. Do you fancy making your rented apartment work for you? This plan also allows users to list their homes for short term stays.

Listing homes for BIXT Short-Stay is not exclusive to those who have rented their homes from BIXT. As long as your apartment meets BIXT’s health and safety standards, you can turn your homes from a liability to an asset.

BIXT Investor Buying allows subscribers to invest fluidly in their chosen Real Estate property. The listings contain different options of investments and the various investment tenures an investor can subscribe to.

BIXT allows you the flexibility to own property at different percentages. This means you can become a landlord/landlady with a lot less money than you think.

BIXT Inclusive Home Listing opens to subscribers an avenue to access premium homes with special features for those who are physically challenged in one way or the other. BIXT takes the comfort of it's users very seriously. Unlike most, BIXT takes into account the differently able and considers their needs in providing comfort and quality, no one is left of the opportunity to secure comfort and profitable returns.

     How can you be a part of it?
After visiting , the steps are as follows,

Step 1: Create an account with your mobile number. Complete your profile and verify your account.

Step 2: Search through available property listings and choose your preferred home.

Step 3: Specify your preferences and choose a property.

Step 4: Add your card to initiate payment for the selected property.

BIXT Global is committed to easing the processes of partaking in real estate opportunities as easy as possible using technology.

BIXT Global offers it's service on a first-come, first-serve basis as a result of the demand following their first phase launch. Those looking to make use of the exciting opportunity of their second phase launch will have to join a waitlist. This is to make sure every user gets the best service possible.

What are you waiting for?

Take your chance to be a part of the rest estate revolution.

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