International Youth Day 2020: Message, by National Convener Of Assembly Of Progressive Youths, Comrade Amb Ogunolu Samsideen

by Tunde Olorungbotemi

It is a great privilege to witness the year 2020 celebration of world Youth day. We can not because of our country situation and ignore this year celebration which we are celebrating in Nigeria today and entire world. We Youth suppose to ask ourselves this question that is our generation favourable or not since the beginning of this present democracy dispensation of 1999 till date.

PDP as a party ruled us for 16 years and does the era benefits us and same goes to APC, does the era of APC benefits us?

Which one among the two parties is the party that promote youth agenda that give us the benefits most? The answer should be sounding in our hearts.

In Nigeria today can we Youth be proud that our country is improving in all ramifications, especially in this situation of COVID-19 we found ourselves? Haven't we been affected educationally, economically and socially?

So what is on ground now that will make we youth to have hope that our country is catering and caring for us so that we will not be hopeless after the pandemic situation affecting a lots of things?

We can still appreciate this government on three points that stated below.

1.This government initiated N-POWER and they have been given over 400,000 youth salaries to cater for their needs despites the fact that unemployment is the most challenge situation we Youth are currently facing but FG are still trying to put things in order within their capacity and another sets of youth will soon be employed through N-POWER which they will be under Batch C.

2. During this COVID – 19 CBN and FG came together to come up with Covid-19 Youth empowerment to give out between N300,000 - N500,000 to Youth and other interested people as loan to boost their small scale business which over 80,000 people benefited.


Another new program was approved by President Muhammed Buhari recently which is called Youths  Investment Fund and amount of N75bn was approved for Nigerian Youth through the program.

3. We want to urge our government to kindly work on reduction of petrol price at least it can still be sold between  #80-90 per liter to ease the living of Nigerians because petrol is part of what makes economy to be well standardize.

Therefore, we want to let our government know that interest of we Nigerian Youth must be implemented in all ramifications to reduce the rate of youth that are committing alots of atrocities like kidnapping, raping, killing as a result of being empowered by either cult group or boko haram that are disturbing the peace of this country.

Our government need to provide more empowerment program through skill acquisition and vocational to make some unemployed youth not to be available for bad attitudes. Government need to empower them for good things for the benefits of this generation.

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