Rehabilitate schools and not close them, By Ibirogba O. Matthew

By One Class

One of the sectors which Covid-19 has affected in Nigeria is the Educational Sector because our schools have been shut by the Government since March even before so many activities were paused.

I see so many Nigerians clamoring for the resumption of schools and for writing of the WASSCE, but the question is; Are we safe to resume school?
In some countries where schools have resumed, several preparation and safety protocols were
put in place in order to make the lives of students safe, do we have such in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, even in Pre-Covid-19 times, Schools are not in good state but in very horrible situation that some Public schools have bad toilets and classrooms which have affected our Educational output in Nigeria and that is why we must say that Nigeria is far behind in the race of producing future leaders.

Schools closure are one of the first phase of lockdown, even when markets are still opened, which is quite
contradicting, but we must accept the fact that our schools are not in a very good state so they have higher risk of fast spread of Covid-19.

But in anyway, the unending closing of schools cannot and can never be solution, it will
only cause more problems to the ones we have already, Like we know, Nigeria Education system is far behind so
many countries in the world and that has made our Senior citizens and elites send their children abroad to study
because of the bad state of Education in Nigeria.

For better Post Covid-19 life in the Education sector of Nigeria,the Ministry of Education should embark on proper rehabilitation of schools and also urge state Government to also follow suit, this would help for the safety of Students life in schools. Closing of the schools will only continually worsen our Education sector in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, we have high illiterates, out of school children and so many crimes due to our bad Educational system and poor approach to Education matters by the Government, the continued closure of school will only inflates our numbers of illiterates, out of school children and crimes and this will further drag Nigeria back amidst other Western Countries.

Fumigation, Availability of Facemasks for students and teachers, Washing hand basins, Thermometers and
conducive learning environments for schools will help in the reopening of schools. The Government cannot open markets, airports and others but continue to close schools where students should acquire more knowledge.

Elections are been prepared for in Ondo and Edo like there is no Covid-19, what a misplaced priority!
Our leaders value their position than the mass. If we can prepare for campaigns and elections with Covid-19, then why can't we prepare for resumption of schools. The longer students wait at home the more illiterates we have in Nigeria.

On the cancellation of WAEC

It is quite painful and disheartening that government have concluded on the cancellation of WAEC after reopening of markets and airports and also forgotten that we are just in the beginning of the second half of the year.

The government should have a rethink on the cancellation of WAEC and reverse its

This will make Nigerian students behind among other West African Countries and this will also cause some internal problems in schools due to the increase of the number of students that will enroll for the coming year. This might also result to migration of students to other countries to write their exams.

I will be glad if the government should consider my points as stated in this article because I am a Nigerian students and also a WASSCE 2020 Candidate.

Ibirogba O. Matthew, Lagos state.

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