Life is a Football Match: Play it Well, by Joshua Nicholas

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Life is like a football match. Everything that happened, is happening or will happen is determined by five sets. The Referee, the coach, the player, the opponent and the spectators.

The referee is God; he spells the rule and ensure the game is fair. The player is you; you either play well and win or play poorly and loose. The ball is life's happenings and incidents. The opponents are those daring challenges, unsurmountable mountains or seemingly unmovable problems. The coach is either your spiritual father, parent or mentors that tell you what to do and how to do it.

Finally, the spectators are your family members, friends, foes, neigbours and the society; there work is to shout for or against you. Who they help?. Don't be carried away when the shout is on your side and don't concede defeat when the shout is against you.

 *Training* - Proper training and preparation. These are your childhood days, schooling era and the time in which you decide what you wanna make do of your life.

 *Dressing Room* - The time you are ready to show the world what you got. It is the time for dreaming, planning and goal setting.
 *First half* - You still have the energy, your head is high and the only target you have is to score. End of first-half approaches with three things happening. Some are already worn-out and are loosing; fear is winning, joblessness, unfulfilled dreams, unharnessed potentials etc. While some are already on the winning side scoring multiple goals, while others are at a draw with full expectation for the second half.

 *Break* - To some, the time for rest, but to those that wants to win; the time to change formation, the time to remark tactics and the time to set positions for goal scoring.

 *Second half* - Those winning can put some more goals, those loosing can sum up courage, be on the offensive with series of counter play against the opponent; equalizing and coming ahead of the game.

Extra time - This is the injury period of life. The time when only focus and determination becomes your selling point. So many winners looses it at this time because they feel relaxed that they are already winning. This is the time when loosers out of consistent-persistency come back to balance and stay ahead of the game.

At this stage, Some others feel it is already over "nothing to do again. Let the referee do and blow". They are the failures in life. As long as you are alive, the game is not over.

This new month, i don't care what stage you are; i don't want to know how many goals you are conceding. What i know is that at the end, you will win!!

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