Concerned Youths leader unveils Immediate past Speaker of Osun, Najeem Salaam's Youths Forum (NSYF)

Concerned Youths in Osun state has unveiled a forum to honor the Immediate past Speaker of Osun, named, Najeem Salaam Youths Forum (NSYF)

Vision - Building the youths and train the youths with the spirit of becoming better politicians and useful for their generation.

Mission - To Inculcate the political skill you have displayed and implemented towards the development of Osun state politics and disporal.

While speaking with The convener, while speaking with VOICEAIRMEDIA, said the forum is to promote the Important of Youths in governance.

Aims and Objectives.

  To give the youths political accessibilities morally and socially

  To Imbibe the youths spirit of oneness and love for the betterment of Osun state and entire Nigeria.

  To inculcate political ethics that will give good image for your personalty and good image.

   To be your image maker in all ramifications.

    To bring strong and positive signal on your political foundation in all ramifications.

Initiator of Najeem Salaam Youths Forum - Comr Amb Ogunolu Samsideen Opeyemi who hail from Isokan Local government Apomu precisely Osun State.

He was a students leader.

He is a Youths leading leader.

He has served in so many Students and Youths Organization both state and National.

He has extreme capacity to give you good image and by God's grace you will not regret the forum.

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