Army General pleads guilty for sexually abusing daughter

Retired Army General, James Grazioplene of the United States, has finally confessed to sexually abusing his daughter in the 1980’s.

The victim, his daughter Jenifer Elmore, turned 49 on Wednesday, the same day her father pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual battery in a Prince William county, Virginia.

The Ex- General has been in jail for approximately 18 months, and is expected to be released. He will serve 20 years of probation, according to Elmore’s lawyer, Ryan Guilds.

The counsel told CNN that “Jennifer cares more about the truth than the punishment”.

Elmore first reported the sexual assault to Army authorities in 2015, but it would take the military two years to officially launch an investigation.

Elmore recalled that at age 3, her father would take her to the dark, dirty basement of her grandmother’s house and put her on the washing machine and pleasured himself while molesting her.

She also said her father insisted on several occasions to bath her, adding that it was when she entered college that she was able to hold a bar of soap to bath herself.

Elmore told CNN: “Today was a win. But I’m extraordinarily sad. The way I feel right now is like an orphan.”

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