After attending a wedding party, 100 people tests positive for coronavirus

Several people believed to have exceeded a 100 have tested positive for coronavirus in India after attending the wedding and then funeral of a groom, who reportedly got married while very sick with the disease.

Officials in Bihar state said on Wednesday, the 26 year old groom had signs of the disease when he tied the knot on June 15.

He died two days later.

“So far 111 people who either attended the wedding or the funeral have tested positive,” said Raj Kishor Chaudhary, a chief medical officer in Patna, the state capital

“All others have been identified and isolated.”

The groom, a software engineer, had shown symptoms of the virus before the marriage.

He was taken to the hospital, where he was admitted very briefly, his family had him discharged and hosted the wedding with over 300 guests.

He died at his home two days later, with nearly 200 people attending the funeral. Some had attended both.

Authorities in India have launched an investigation into possible violations of physical distancing regulations on the number of guests that were allowed at both the occasions.

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