2023: Why it's difficult for Ndigbo to secure Presidency - Arthur Eze

Anambra Oil mogul, Prince Arthur Eze on Wednesday said the Igbo nation were responsible for their inability to secure the highest seat in the country.

He said the repeated denial of the office of the President was being caused by Igbo themselves, not the north nor south West.

Speaking during the official commissioning of Zone 13 headquarters of the Nigerian Police Force at Ukpo, Anambra state, Eze said the regretted that the Igbo people were never united in pursuing the collective interest of the region.

He said, "Igbo people are enemies to themselves, not the north or any other people. When I was making effort for the actualisation of zone 13 headquarters in Anambra, I did not get the needed cooperation from Igbo stakeholders. 

"Many thought I was doing it for my selfish interest. What do I need it for if not for collective interest? The same thing is applicable to Igbo quest for presidency. 

"Some people are agitating for 2023 presidency; but when the time comes, some stakeholders will sing discordant tunes. Some of us will be begging for vice presidential slots. 

"We must be united as Igbo people if we can take our pride of place in this bigger entity called Nigeria."

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