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Person: 20 Ways to Get Rid of Pride

Proud people are annoying, right? They are those who always think they are better than others and never get tired of flaunting about their accomplishments. Worse, they can be aggressive if you outshine them—they would not accept defeat.

As you do not like prideful people, you have to be careful not to be like them so others would not be annoyed with you as well. You have to evaluate yourself from time to time to make sure your feet stay on the ground.

If you are struggling with pride and you want to get rid of it, here are 20 ways that can help you do it.


1. Do not compare yourself with anyone else.
This is the usual culprit of pride—comparison. So that you will not think too good about yourself, avoid checking how you do by comparing your achievements and capabilities with other people.

2. Do not compete against anyone.
In connection to the first tip, do not aim to be better or higher than anyone else. This will affect how you treat others because everyone becomes a potential threat to you. If competition is an effective motivating force for you, then just compete with your past self so you will be determined to be better.

3. Acknowledge the strength of others.
If someone does better than you in one area or another, then accept that truth and do not resent the person. Remember that there will always be someone greater than you so accepting this fact and being happy for those who standout will save you from bitterness and poor social life.

4. Encourage those who are weaker than you.
If someone does not do well like you do, cheer that person up and sincerely encourage him/her. If you can, then be willing to help him/her to improve. Do not be afraid that s/he might exceed you.

5. Admit your mistakes.
Whenever you have committed a mistake, be humble enough to admit it. Knowing when you are wrong and admitting it is a sign of maturity and wisdom. Moreover, only courageous people can do this.

6. Be willing to apologize if you have done wrong.
It is not enough that you admit your mistake. You have to sincerely face the people you have hurt or done harm and apologize. Together with this, you need to accept open-heartedly whatever their response would be to your apology.

7. Practice sportsmanship.
In competitions, it is normal that someone wins and someone loses. Prepare your heart for the truth that you cannot be the winner all the time—but that is part of improving your craft. In case you lose, stop crying foul but rather genuinely congratulate the winner.

8. Do not let appreciations get into your head.
Too many praises and appreciations could make your head grow big. To avoid this from happening, just treasure in your heart those appreciations you receive but do not meditate on them. Always evaluate yourself to make sure pride has not got into your head.

9. Do not envy others.
Envy and jealousy can cause pride too. Since you want to prove you are better than the subject of your envy you tend to compare yourself with that person, highlight your advantages and his/her flaws.

10. Be content and thankful for what you have.
This does not mean that you should not aim for greater things—you always have to persevere to achieve them. However, while you do not have them yet, be content and grateful for what you currently possess. This will stop you from being envious of what others have, which could lead you to compete.

11. Put others before yourself.
Another trait of being humble is being selfless—putting the needs and interests of others before yours—just do not overdo it so your kindness would not be abused.

12. Do not demand attention and respect.
Never demand special treatment, acknowledgment, or respect from others no matter what your position or credentials are. Like trust, respect is earned, and being unassuming is the first step to it. As the Bible says, do not exalt yourself because even God resists the proud.

13. Treat others like how you want to be treated.
If you want to be respected, then you have to respect everyone else. If you want to be served, then you have to serve others too. Never think you deserve a better treatment than how you treat others.

14. Serve others.
Do not wait to be served like you’re a royalty. Be willing to serve anyone, especially those who are less privileged than you. Even Jesus washed the feet of His disciples.

15. Do not think highly of yourself.
No matter how high your education level is or how much you have in the bank, never think that you are better or more important than anyone else. The more blessings you have received, the humbler you should be. Notice how the more fruits a tree branch has, the lower it bows.

16. Do not boast about your achievements.
Moreover, stop flaunting your accomplishments and titles. Instead of impressing people you might annoy and disgust them.

17. Let others notice your strengths or positive traits.
Stop telling others how good you are at something. Let them discover that and appreciate you. What could be worse than boasting you are the best only to find out that the one you are talking to does better than you?

18. Submit to the authorities set above you.
You have to respect and submit to authority figures like your parents, teachers, boss, government officials, and spiritual leaders. Even if sometimes they seem wrong, you have to honor their authority because they have been appointed to be accountable for you.

19. Associate with those who are weaker or ‘lower’ than you.
Do not be an ‘untouchable’ to those considered ‘underdogs’. Being intimidating may seem cool (yeah, because you are cold) but if you want to be considered hot, then you need to be warm and approachable to people from all walks of life.

20. Always thank those who help or serve you, even in small things.
Gratitude is one of the best traits of a humble person. Thank everyone who does something helpful to you like the waiter who serves you or the guard who holds the door for you. Make “thank you” your favorite line.

God Exalts the Humble

If you are a humble person, no one will touch you. It will help you gain more friends and win the hearts of many. Plus, it will give you peace of mind and a happy heart because no one or nothing threatens you.

Moreover, if you want to reach the top, starting at the bottom is the first step. Let God be the one to bring you high. As James 4:10 says, “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up”.

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