10 Ways to be Happy in a Long Distance Relationship

We can always rely on the different pieces of advice on how to make a long distance relationship work but finding the right way to endure and even live on with this kind of commitment is not really the point of it all. Perhaps the more important question that you have to ask is, in the process of doing everything you can to hold on to your promises of love and forever, were you really happy – or were you merely surviving every day?

Long distance relationships are a true test of love and sincere commitment but it’s also important to find both your own happiness as a person and as a partner, either alone or together.

If you’re tired of just waiting and hoping for better days, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the ways to be happy in a long distance relationship.

1. Realize that you (or your partner) also have a life to live.
Finding happiness as a person and as a partner always starts with the realization that your life, too, is important and your romantic relationship with another should never change that fact.

Aside from being a faithful and a loving life partner, find other ways to make you feel fulfilled and satisfied as a person. Learn new hobbies, recognize your own potential, be the best version of yourself without letting the worries of everyday and the longing for a lover pull you down.

2. Never let the loneliness of being away from him/her get you.
Longing and loneliness can be paralyzing especially if it’s your first time to be away from the person you love. It’s very important to never let this negativity suck the life and the happiness out of you.

You cannot get away from these negative emotions and they are sometimes necessary: they can remind you that your love is strong and your feelings are genuine. That’s why you should learn how to live with them and deal with their presence without losing yourself.

3. Rely on the love and support of family and friends.

Having a strong support system can help you survive even the most challenging stages of a long distance relationship. Aside from being reminded that there are still other people who can unconditionally give you the love and support that you need, they can help you focus more on the present than just hopelessly wait for better days.

4. Don’t leave arguments unresolved and questions unanswered.
In a long distance relationship, resolving misunderstandings can be tough and can often weaken the bond between couples. It’s because words can’t really express everything that you feel and sometimes, too many words can make the situation worse.

Even if it’s difficult and it’s hurting both of you, try everything in your power to have the understanding and willingness to fix whatever is broken, big or small. Don’t let the issues and seemingly harmless problems pile up until you both explode.

5. Remember and celebrate special days of your relationship.
Remembering and celebrating your anniversaries, birthdays, or every special day that you shared as a couple should be considered a very important aspect of your relationship. Make an effort to make every date, online or virtual, count.

These special days are what can make your time away from each other less lonely. Appreciate these days because they will serve as a constant reminder of your love and promises to each other.

6. Listen to their stories every day no matter how boring or redundant they get.

Ask them about their day, what they had for lunch or dinner. Ask them anything and listen to their stories over and over again. It doesn’t really matter if they say and do the same things every day. The topics are even irrelevant. Just be there, to listen, to be present, to make them feel that you may not be physically around but you are with them every single day, always.

7. Remind them every day that they are loved; remind yourself that you are, too.

Love is the ultimate force that will keep couples together even if they are apart and it should always be around every day and everywhere you go. Let them feel that no matter how far they are, they will always be loved. Remind yourself, too, that no matter how lonely it can be to be away from them, someone out there is in love with you.

8. Accept the reality that days won’t always be perfect.

It’s important to accept and humbly face the realities that life has to offer. For instance, being in a long distance relationship will subject you to one of the most challenging and sometimes upsetting realities of loving and living.

Learn to accept the flaws and imperfections in your relationship, especially in an LDR where challenges are the toughest. Don’t give up on what you have just because you can’t handle a storm. Instead, hold on and have a little faith that everything is just part of the process.

9. Just be happy and focus more on the positive side of life.

This is the number one rule to achieve genuine happiness: let go of the thoughts that can hurt you and just be happy. It’s that simple, but many people tend to complicate things all the time – and it can be damaging and unhealthy especially if they are in a relationship.

In other words, just stop hurting yourself and focus more on the brighter and better side of life. It’s okay to feel lonely and sad but snap out of it as soon as you can.

10. Finally, plan something special and unforgettable.

Look forward to better and happier days together and plan something unforgettable for that very special day when you’re finally back in each other’s arms. Why don’t you book a trip together? Travel to beautiful places, just the two of you? Reminisce wonderful moments over a romantic dinner?

The secret is, it doesn’t even have to be something grand; be with them and spend a day of love and happiness together. Tell them everything that you’ve been wanting to say. Make every moment count.

Couples need to be reminded every time that their life should not revolve around other people no matter how in love or infatuated they are. It’s important to realize that the point of actually finding someone to brighten up your day is to create a beautiful experience, to nurture positivity and appreciate the challenges and imperfections of life.

Before committing yourself to a long distance relationship, make sure that you are both emotionally and mentally ready because sometimes, love and promises won’t be enough.

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