Opinion: Why Women Should Be Given Political Appointment In Nigeria - IBIROGBA O MATHEW

This is to state the reason why women should be given Political Appointment in Nigeria.

Obviously, round the Globe, Women have been underrated in the leadership table of so many countries which is against the equality of Gender Right under the Fundamental Human Right. Statistically; women occupy 50% of the world population and also occupy less than 10% in the political desk, VOICEAIRMEDIA has obtained.

Women in most countries like Nigeria have lost their confidence and agility in the participation of the government which have become a bullet of political apathy.

In Nigeria, Gender Equality Opportunity bill was passed on the 15th of March, 2016 in the National Assembly sitting at Abuja.

But it was rejected obviously because of the fewer number of women in the Senate.

In 2016, the National Assembly only consist of seven women of the one hundred and nine senators. The bill would have given the Women bright hope in the Leadership desk of Nigeria.

A white man, in the early 1990’s was quoted in his book saying that ‘The World Is Wasting A Precious Resources That The Dramatic Underrepresentation Of Women Leadership Position Often Resulting To Exclusion Of Women Talent And Skill In Political Life.’

This is nothing but a complete truth, so many leadership spirits amidst women has been killed.

Looking at countries where women are given reasonable percent of the Political Table, Ghana is a gd example of Gender Equality practiced country, with this, the female and male lawmakers work together and merge ideas to solve problems. Tanzania, Belgium, South Africa and Rwanda have also given their women a sensible percent in the Leadership roles.

In countries like Nigeria where men have failed in managing the Nation affairs, women needs to be given chances, their voices need to be heard in Nigeria leadership roles.

Since 1960, after independence of Nigeria, men has been ruling and are still currently ruling. Are women not cheated ?
Women performs better at their political office because women work across party, regardless of their parties, women work for the development of their states and not safe guarding political parties. Unlike men who are party bond, they work mainly for their party and making sure their successor is also from their party.

Women also priories health, Education and other development indicators not making embezzlement their goals. They derive no pleasure in converting or diverting the state funds into their personal accounts.

Also, with women participation in politics, citizen confidence in democracy is increased.  Women participation in politics also plays a major role in eradicating political apathy.

In conclusion, women should be given more Political chances across all Political Parties.

Nomination forms should also be deflated to affordable price for it to be purchased by women. Cultural and religious group should also see the need for female participation in politics.

            ©I am  IBIROGBA O MATHEW, an SS III Student of Herald College.

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