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OAU students protest, Raise alarm on the need to end Incessant rape culture in Nigeria(Video&Photos)

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Some students of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, on Tuesday, stormed the streets to protest against incessant rape case across Nigeria, VOICEAIRMEDIA has obtained.

The students under the banner of "Concerned Great Ife Students" also used the opportunity to submit petitions to the Area Commander of Moore Area Command in Ile-Ife, Osun State and the palace of Ooni of Ife, Adeyeye Ogunwusi.

According to the students, the recurrent rate of sexual violence in Nigeria is becoming alarming and more appaling that most cases of sexual violence are not properly investigated and prosecuted.

The Convener of Movement, Dunsin Olowolafe during the protest said the students believe strongly that previous cases of sexual violence that have been swept under the carpet due to influence of authorities is partly responsible for the spate in sexual violence.

"As recently seen some days ago when an 100-level student of the University of Benin, Uwaila Jennifer, was violently raped in a Church where she had gone to read while sustaining serious complications that later led to her death."

"We strongly believe that the reason why her rapist-killers could have been brazen in committing such a level of atrocity is because of their knowledge of the poor record of the Nigerian security agencies and authorities in responding to and unravelling atrocities of such degree. A typical recent example is that of Olabisi Olaleye, a lecturer in the department of International relations, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, who was accused by students of sexual harassment."

"Till now the only thing that has been heard is a claim of his suspension by the University authority with promise to intimate the public about the final verdict of the disciplinary panel", he said.

"On this note, we call on the Nigeria Police Force to immediately take a prompt action on the need to end rape culture in Nigeria and we also demand that the rapist-killers of Uwaila Omozuwa be immediately brought to book. In order, to serve as a deterrent to other rapists that are still lurking around and a template of justice for rape victims."

According to reports, a female student also at the protest, Shallom Rotimi, said she is happy that the protest held despite threats from security operatives warning them to back out.

"Basically, I want to say that I am glad youths took the initiative to embark on the protest. There is need for more sensitization about rape, what constitutes rape and consent. The law as regards rape must be amended and enforced."

"It is sad that till date, the ratio of conviction compared to report are not balanced. People need to understand that the only cause of rape is the rapists. There is no excuse. Let's stop victim shaming and ultimately, take steps to put a stop to the menace."

In the same vein, Yusuf Adetola said "The reality is that, today's March has shown that Great Ife Students in their concious efforts did create a vanguard as representation of the Nigerian Students' voice against Sexual violence."

Another student, Ruth Okoh was quoted saying: "I'm glad we had this initiative protesting against rape and I'm happy we let the world know rapists are the reasons for rape. Stop victimisation and teach our boys not to rape instead of telling our girls to dress well. We urged people who have been raped to say their stories to safe lives and stop others from being rape. Silence is justification for rape. No girl child deserves rape. "

A student of who spoke under the condition anonymity because of fear of victimisation said: "As a student, as a female and as a Nigerian who knows that in more than 15 years, there have been less than 10 rape convictions in the entirety of Nigeria."

"Women are aware of these inequalities, of this evil targeted at them, it is our everyday realities. So, as for me, this is my way of saying, before you ask what she's wearing, before you blame it on her bad behaviour, talk to your sons, your brothers and your father's to stop raping girls. No one is entitled to a woman's vagina."

"This menace has to stop. If you are aware of rape occurrences and sexual harrasment in your institution, your school etc and you turn a blind eye, you are also one of the many dangers of women. In times of war when actions should be taken, more than the evil of our enemies, the silence of our friends and the indifference of our allies, we shall always remember and posterity will judge us all."

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Abass Oyeyemi speaking for Reaching Minds Foundation condemned the late reaction of the Ministry of Women Affairs to rape cases and general matters that affects women and young girls.

"This can be seen in the case of Uwailia. There's a need for non governmental agencies to start orientating young boys and men that rape is as grievous as murder. We call on other NGOs to join us in this fight against rape"

Reacting to the protest, Moore Area Commander who received the students' petition on behalf of Osun Commissioner of Police, Undie Adie, acknowledged the receipt of the petition as he advised students to be law abiding.

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