My Loud Whisper To Comrade Danielson Bamidele Akpan, GCNS As The World Eases Covid19 Lockdown, By NANS Presidential Candidate, Sunday Asefon

By One Class

Asefon Sunday

The National Association of Nigerian students (NANS) presidential hopeful, Asefon Sunday has whispered to the NANS President, Comrade Danielson Bamidele Akpan, GCNS to retrace his step back to constitutionality and conventionality as the world eases covid19 lockdown.

Asefon Sunday made this call in an Open letter addressed to the office of the President of National Association of Nigerian students(NANS).

Read full letter;


Dear Comrade Denilson,


Providence has bestowed on you the rare privileged to lead our association amidst millions of equally qualified students across the length and breath of Nigeria. I must congratulate you once again for a largely successful tenure, marked with great achievements in advocacy, struggle for the welfare of students across the country and building on the legacies elicited by our past leaders and heroes. You have been enlisted as one of the very few Nigerians who has enjoyed the rare privilege of holding the mandate of Nigerian students globally without polarization or fractionalization. This is a testament to our collective resolve to ensure that going forward, we'll provide a united front for the continuous advocacy for the welfare of Nigeria student's.

In the last two years which you have held the leadership of the association, one cannot but appreciate your commitment, passion and the intellectual sagacity at which you have led the association even though our charter of demand provides for a leadership of a single term of one academic session which is conventionally interpreted as a 12 calendar months. While it is believed in some quarters that your continua stay in office constitute illegality and against the spirit and creed of our constitution, one must be consoled by your leadership, charm, and spirit fired with unadulterated passion for the emancipation of the Nigerian students.

However, we must above every sentiments, either genuine, primordial or parochial seek to strengthen our attitudinal regulatory mechanism (Constitution), irrespective of our personal believe and opinion by acting based on the dictate of the constitution at all time.

Dear Comrade and Grand Commander in Chief of Aluta Forces, it is pertinent to crave your indulgence to the need to fasten the process of transition so that our association, the association you have committed yourself to protecting and defending in the last two years will not be more plunged into illegality by running a constitutionally illegitimate government. I acknowledge the role Covid 19 pandemic has played in our national life and in fact in the whole human race since this year began. However, in the last two months now, the world and Nigeria has gradually developed models to continue to operate within the limitation imposed by Covid 19. Even political parties are now planning to conduct their primaries. It is therefore no more tenable to allow our association slip into further unprecedented constitutional crises while we hold on to Covid 19 as our excuse.

We must as a matter of urgency intensify the process of our convention so that your last but not the least legacy which is peaceful transition can be achieved. Mr President, there can't be a better time than now to do the right thing, put our best foot forward to right the wrong which might have been inevitable as a result of global emergency.

I call on you as a friend and co sojourner in this struggle to follow the tradition that has made our convention seamless and largely successful by announcing the Convention Planning Committee and set in motion the process of safe, peaceful and acceptable convention. This will not only make up for the time the pandemic has stolen from us all, but also revalidate your conviction in doing the right thing always and taking the best decision in the collective interest of our association.

As I conclude, history and posterity will reserve a special place for you if you put the continuous legality of our association leadership above personal considerations and act accordingly to give to our association a new leadership, a united front in a free, fair, safe and credible convention.

As a former coordinator of a zone in NANS, I understand how vested interests will cheer you on and encourage you to continue even against the dictates and spirit of our constitution, you must therefore hacken to the voice of reason and understand that at the end of it all, it is only your name that will be soured and not theirs.

Mr President, please accept the assurance of my continuous cooperation as you do the right thing and solidify your legacy by transiting power and focusing on the next greater phase of your life.

Yours in struggle,
Com. Sunday Asefon
NANS Presidential Hopeful

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