7 Laws of Success, by Joshua Nicholas


Culled from 21 Laws of Success by Joshua Nicholas

Law of Use: Everything God created is to be for use (the trees, moon, sun, animals, etc). Everyplace God created is to be for use (the water-for fish, the Earth-for plant, animals,etc, the air-for birds). Everyone God created is to be for use (the usefulness of your presence on Earth made you pass the foetus test and alive till now). This is beyond salvation. For being a human, you are a product marketed on Earth's market - you better start selling.

Law of Information: You can never change the world if u're not informed and know what's happening in the world. What do you want to change in it?For you to lead people you must always be ahead of them. It is not age or whatever that separates your now from your future; It is the information you have access to. If you remain one place in one room for 30 years without going anywhere or reading anything or talking to anybody or listening to anything ..You just added 30 years number on your age but nothing about you changed. So life in it's entirety is an exchange of information.

Law of Accurate Freedom from mistakes, *this exemption arising from carefulness; exactness; nicety; correctness. In as much that mistakes are good and makes you perfect your performance, do your best to avoid making them; some mistakes can ruin a destiny or even life and recovering may not be an option. 
Accuracy is faster than speed: Stay slow and get it right rather than run fast and make wrong moves. Because when you do, you will *live to reverse.

Law of Contentment: Stay happy; be happy; live happy. Satisfaction is a state of mind not a derivative from acquired wealth; some wealthy people ain't still contended. Rejoice for who you are; where you are; what you have and when you have it because there are many others thriving to become who you are at where you are and what you have; your present state is someone's else's prayer point. You may not be the best but be trying your best. Thank God "in" your circumstance while you pray and work to move to your next level. There is a difference between being happy "in" and being happy "for".

Law of Separation:
Another interesting time is the time for separation. It is a law. If you have reached this stage, smile ooo, you're very close. This is when some persons you never expected to leave your life walk away and you think it is finished. In the journey of destiny, there is always a time God will separate you. During that phase, lots of things happen to you. He gives you secret mantles for your calling; He teaches you what only you should know and gives you instructions to guide you through your walk in life. Solitude is a gift to the busy soul.

Law of Multiplication: What is in thine hand? What do you have? What should be multiplied? Be something; have something and do something. This is the very 'factor'. Success should find you somewhere. No one arrives from the blues; David had a powerful CV from the bush same with Joseph who had built a profile in the prison. Does anyone know you can do what you do? If your name is mentioned what comes to people's mind? There must be a territory before you talk about expansion, there must be a coast first before you think of enlargement; there must be an influence before you dredge the degree.

Law of Harness: God has deposited in us, all we need to become all we want. They await to be harnessed. Check all treasures on earth, they are always in the state of 'raw' awaiting the man that knows the 'law' to harness and make them finished products (gold, crude oil, etc). Harnessing involves cooking; cooking involves your discovery, skill and refinery. Your potentials remain impotent until you pressure them to potency. God has hidden in you everything you are and you are destined to become.

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