3 month old baby girl raped in Nasarawa prepares for the fourth corrective surgeries

The three-month-old baby who was raped in Agodi community in Nasarawa State in May this year, has undergone three corrective surgeries and is being prepared for the fourth one.

VOICEAIRMEDIA had reported on June 15, the sad story of baby Rukayat.

According to the mother of the victim, Maimuna Adam, she slept with her windows open to allow fresh air into her apartment. Later in the night, she woke up and found out that her baby who was supposed to be sleeping by her side, was missing. She raised alarm and her neighbors went in search of her baby. They found her in an abandoned building with her pants ripped from her body and bloodstains around her vagina.

Baby Rukayat was taken to the Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) where she has so far undergone three corrective surgeries and will be going in for the fourth one later.

Chief Medical Director of the Jos University Teaching Hospital, Professor Edmund Banwat, who spoke to Channels TV, said

''The girl was brutally assaulted and in the process, she suffered horrendous injuries''

The mother of the victim, Maimuna Adam, is demanding justice for her daughter. According to Maimuna, the suspect who violated her daughter must be brought to justice so it can deter others from committing the same crime.

The suspect has since been arrested. Investigations shows he has raped three other minors in the past.

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