"Take Ondo People Serious" - NANS Tells Governor Akeredolu

The Nigerian students has charged the governor of Ondo state, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu to take the people of the state seriously in his adminstration, VOICEAIR MEDIA reports.

Full statement below:





"Against the torture from nature and from within, where there's no attackable enemy, only the truth, discipline and a resolute mind or people can conquer" - Adekunle Ashey Oluwatayo

Greetings of comfort, strength and hope do the executives led by Comr Akinteye Babatunde BABTEE, of NANS, ONDO STATE bring to the entire student's populace, to the sunshine state, Ondo, to our dear country, dear continent and our brothers and sisters all over the world as we battle with a common enemy, COVID-19.


Amidst these hard times, we single out a minute to appreciate the tireless all-round work done by our President, His Excellency, Mohamadu Buhari, his ministers,our governor, His Excellency, Akeredolu Rotimi Odunayo and his cabinet,all serving governors, the NCDC team, all medical practitioners world wide, every staff of the isolation centres world wideand everyone trying in his/her little way to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.


Specially, I thank every Nigerian Student in Ondo State for their immediate and total compliance to the federal and state instructions. It's a clear display of discipline, maturity and patriotic respect for our nation and constituted authorities.


Due to the unforseen planet threatening pandemic, our dear state has been forced to enforce a partial lockdown of the state which is currently affecting the financial stability of majority of the state's populace as over 60% of the state populace are daily income earners who's income depends on a day-to-day activities.

This situation we find ourselves hereby strongly affects the standard of living of majority of the state populace. Feeding and provision of basic amenities like medicine, clean water, and the likes has become a heavy duty task for a larger sector of people in the state.


On such note, Chairman, National Association of Nigerian Students, Ondo State, Comr. Akinteye Babatunde p.k.a BABTEE urges the Ondo State Government to ease the burden of the people of the state with the provision of regular electricity, free foodstuffs, free medicine, and a message of hope and strength to keep the faith alive.

In this light, we also appeal to the stakeholders in the state across all lines of religion, political parties, sector and senatorial areas to come together, put hands together and help the Ondo State Government in tackling the Corona Virus by providing relief materials and basic amenities for the less privileged people of the sunshine state.

  Comr. BABTEE also urges the people of Ondo State to be disciplined and follow the appropriate instructions given out for the sake of fighting COVID-19. You're urged to stay indoors, avoid contact, cancel any unnecessary movement and as in compulsory sceneries, keep social distance.

Comr BABTEE, also urges the people of sunshine state to keep the faith strong, the hopes alive and the strength it's max during this trying time. We need to be sincere, truthful and discipline to keep the future of the state intact. If you notice or suspect any COVID-19 case in your neighborhood or surroundings, report the case to the CDC emergency number, stay up to date to the recent happens and do not forget to remember the state in your daily prayers. May the good Lord grant our heart desires.


Comr. Akinteye Babatunde strongly urges the Ondo State Government to take the people of the state seriously and not to use the COVID-19 pandemic to embezzle and steal government funds meant for tackling the virus as karma and the blood of those killed by the virus would hold, attack and catch up with sons, daughters and family of such evil persons irrespective of the person's status and affluence.


The leadership of the aforementioned association urges the Ondo State Commissioner of Health, Dr Wahab Adegbenro to be very dutiful and in the frontline concerning this pandemic.

The BABTEE-led administration is ready to support the Ondo State Government in any ways to help curb COVID-19 either in the Contact Tracing, and administrative works that doesn't expose them to the vicinity of the isolation rooms or isolated persons.


The Chairman, National Association of Nigerian Students, Ondo State, Comr Akinteye Babatunde p.k.a BABTEE wishes the Ondo State Government and the people of Ondo State best of goodluck.




Viva Aluta!

One for All, All for One


Comr Akinteye Babatunde Afeez (BABTEE)



[email protected]

Comr. Adekunle "Ashley" Oluwatayo

Director of Media, NANS JCC ONDO STATE


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