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Coronavirus in Nigeria: Strains, Preparedness and the dangers ahead - Jare Tiamiyu

By Jare Tiamiyu

I listened to a voice sent by a friend from one of my friends in one of the countries badly affected by coronavirus and I'm really shaking. Our Government has really subjected our lives to risk and we MAY be badly affected in weeks.

On March 15, Dr Joe Abah asked Minister of Interior, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, why the country has not placed travel ban on countries affected by this deadily virus but our Minister, who's expected to have studied the happenings around the world said the time was not ripe for such action. (read the screenshots). Some countries have shut airports and other entry route before it recorded first cases.

A week later, we have recorded 28 cases of coronavirus as against 2 cases that we had before then. You can judge how we have been subjected to problem in this country.

Back to the virus, it has been confirmed that there are two strains of coronavirus - symptomatic and asymptomatic. The symptomatic is the weaker one that's affecting old ones and shows symptoms at early stage, while the asymptomatic is the deadily strain.

It affects people of all categories and ages, survives where the other can't (like African weather). It multiplies fast and shows no symptom at the early stages. (This explains why some are tested negative and later test positive). This is what we have in Africa now.

As at today, we only have five labs where we can run tests in Nigeria. Three isolation centers. If it enters northern part today, what do you think will happen? No lab for test, no sensible isolation and treatment center. We're in soup!

What have we done with over 1.2bn naira released so far?

Ordinarily, every Nigerian is sick and no medical facility is available for treatment.

If countries that have being the hosts for our leaders are crying for help, what will be of Nigeria?

To complicate things, Nigerians are not doing well enough to help the matter. Stay away from gatherings, they won't hear. A whole Bishop David Oyedepo went ahead and gathered tens of thousands all in the name of service. I think his defenders online should read about how Japan had 90 cases in about five weeks and the 91st case enter a church of about 1000, long story cut short, the country recorded over 4,000 cases in two weeks.

Other photos below:

It goes beyond prayer, we must act and ensure we are safe. May Almighty Allah protect all of us.

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