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Valentine's Day: Unfolding February 14 - Valentine Femi Adesanya says

By Valentine Femi Adasanya

In the Old Roman Empire lived  Saint Valentine. He was a devout Catholic Priest committed to the will and work of God. 

Valentine's Day image, Valentine Femi Adasanya(VAM Gallery)

During the reign of Emperor Claudius, young men were recruited into the army. Claudius in his selfishness and disrespect for natural emotional callings of his Soldiers, made marriage , an institution established by God for companionship, sex and child bearing a taboo for the Soldiers. This according to him was to keep them strong and focused.

Saint Valentine could not let the Emperor deprived the Soldiers of their right to marriage. He took the bull by the horns. He joined those  Soldiers ready for marriage with their Soulmates in a holy matrimony. He was caught and later beheaded (his head was cut off)by the Emperor.

Years after  Saint Valentine was killed, it became necessary to set a day for his feast and remembrance. There was an annual festival in Old Roman Empire on February 14. It was a Festival of Sex. People made love in the open as if in an orgy party. In order to put an end to this immoral festival and show of indecency, festival of sex was replaced by Saint Valentine's Day ( lover's Day).

Saint Valentine's Day is a day to show and share love with loved ones. Greeting cards, flowers and other lovely items are sent to loved ones on this day. 

It is however disheartening that the day is being abused. People are now reviving the immoral act that Valentine's Day replaces. Hearts are broken, virginities are lost to the abuse of Valentine's Day. 
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Let's celebrate love that Valentine's Day  represents and not immortality that it doesn't!

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