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Politics Religion Agriculture Innovation Secuity and Economy (PRAISE)

DATE: 31/12/2019.


PRAISE is the holy name of Uncreated creator and Master of the day of Judgment. I bear witness that no deity is worthy of worship except Almighty Allah, you alone we worship and you alone we ask for help.

Put us the path of those whom you have favor not those who go astray.

We pray for your guide and guard (Àmín)
Knowledge is either you have it or you no where to get it (highmudaymv'17).

As Nigerian youth, observer and peace promoter that have involved in myriads Critical and analytical thinking, sample people's opinions on sensitive issues, I was able to deduced that devil is not as black as it is painted.

We are second to none in potentials and reasoning.

Great people! Great Nation!
TLF is Apolitical, common and logical sense is our style.

Family is the microscopic part of any Nation, A fraction of leaders here came from different families, communities and society in Nigeria. Gene plus environment has a great role to play in human development, over the years (2014) of TLF existence it is critical clear that we have patriotics, diligent, accommodating, peace promoter and many who are very sensitive of what they say or listen to.

Academics, sagacity, moral, honesty, professionalism, rules, orderliness, integrity, love, peace and and lots more has been displayed by our leaders, this bring hope that we shall rise again but the rules of the game must undergo changes.
Leaders has contributed magnanimously and excellently on sensitive issues that can hinder National development.
We have dialogue beyond headlines where knowledge and wisdom rain from Nigerians home and abroad, truth are been told with facts and figures.

Commitments of leaders is not limited to online programs, we have influenced and imparted positively to general public to the best of our ability ignoring the distrator- dictators.

We are today's leaders and solutions generation.
Mode of operation of TLF seems to confuse non members whether online or physical movement, we can lead and impact anywhere.

We employed moderate use of social media by building a formidable force against immortalities, tribalism, favoritism, sentiment, bigot and care free attitude.

We are making our generation online while other mare it online.
Youths and informed people are very difficult to convince, lead, motivate or govern but we are progressing.
TLF shall spread wings to grassroot people and females to facilitate the desirable change.

We believe in people that can add value, learn and impact positively.

As a solution generation that we are, Diagnosing Nigeria problems at this terminal stage is tantamount to idleness or waiting for  her (Nigeria) burial.

We don't have new challenges, existing ones when no lasting solutions are been provided replicate  like virus. You manage viral disease by treating symptomatic ally or get immunized.

No three ways to it, you are either the problem or solution (JOB 2019)
Politics doesn't initiate our problems not necessarily solutions from it . We contributed personally, professionally and mentally.

Until we can reason beyond blame game and politics, we may continue wallowing on a spot.
Check mating the politicians will automatically set politics right. Ideal politics before its introduction as a course in higher institution is not hidden place for corrupt officials, it placed them above all where their  strengths and weaknesses will be revealed which make them more diligent and responsible.

We can't jettisoned the fact that politicians had become demi god, carefree, self-centered, siphoning public funds and looting of public treasury.

Contrarily, they are human being like us, our Expectations from them is on a high side.
Electorate are slanderous, leaders are cunning, we are lazy, they are thieves.
Culture must be reflected in politics, we were being bamboozled all in the name of civilization.

To whom brain is given, common sense is expected (highmudaymv'16)
Agriculture was introduced to us as a prison yard right from elementary school, punishment are being served in farm garden using cutlass and hoe.

Agriculture cut across science, engineering, ICT, business and even law.
Professional farmers are not recognized. peoples care of the type of  house, ride, school they enroll their children, clothes they wear, people they associated with but care - less of where what they eat comes from. 

If Agriculture can't revive us as a Nation, nothing can do.

Security of lives and properties is individual responsibility. Security personnel can't succeed without citizens backup.

Confused set of people hide under religion to defraud followers and destabilize public peace. Nigerians pay for religions, PRAISE more than they RAISE their standards of living.

Peace, tolerance and human relations, sincerity are few characteristics of ideal religion, if otherwise it is a bandit.
The laggards, adamants and late adopters among us resist innovation, they are satisfied with the crude methods. Technology is a product of human reasoning.

Level of technology and innovation in a society define the kind of inhabitants.

Nigeria is a consumer of technology.
It is clear enough that not all youths are confused or toothless dog. We have youths in Nigeria that can be entrusted with responsibility, authority and power.

One Nigeria is still very much achievable, we have people that reason beyond region and religion.

We are not violent, we only need our voice to be heard and be involved.
Assumption is the lowest level of knowledge, there is no  preferential treatment on TLF, we accept responsibility than one another.

We celebrate brains and not mediocre, we don't accept matters hook line and sinker, emotions and sentiment doesn't rule over us.

Active participation and supports are impeding TLF growth.

Naturally, human, ego and power are one but TLF gives responsibility.
23% females participated fully during TLF PRAISE 2019, We encourage gender equity but majority expect equality.

We don't control on TLF, we influence positively.
He who invites sun to shine shall not be eluded from the shade.

Moral support, kind gestures, word of admonition, advice and best wishes are great source of inspiration to us.

History shall absorb you all - Co Admins, programs anchors, TLF officials and journalists.

PRAISE 2019 is the loudest and biggest online presentations since inception, it is packaged by Nigerians home and abroad.

Ever challenging, demanding, consuming program so far (smile) but it worth it.
We hope to make hard copies of all presentations available for public consumption - schools and libraries, prepared teenagers and enlightening our generation.

Nothing is free even in free town. Online programs need no finance (smile) but the little color added to PRAISE 2019 is from cheerful givers.

TLF is open to constructive criticism, advice and support openly and privately to Admins and convener.

```We  have no television but vision and mission to liberate our generation  with our strong determination and we shall be celebrated on Nation television and shall not be  a wasted generation```.
Dear leaders, you are the best set of people one can ever pray to cross path with.

May you not lack any good things in life.
Conclusively, Youths only has no solution to Nigerian problems, it is the experience of the old ones and knowledge of the young ones that can bring back the lost glory.

Prayer can only do little or nothing if no action is taken.

God bless FRN!
God bless TLF!
God bless YOU!



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