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FPA Security Arrest Comrade Akinez, Seized All His Electrical Gadgets for Unauthorized use of office


ASCOSS president, Comrade Aanuoluwapo  Akinbowale P.ka Akinez was arrested by the school security on Monday for  allegedly using ASCOSS office to run his cyber cafe business. He was arrested around 11 am today few hours after he assume office as President of the Association of science and computer science students.

The school security accused Comrade Akinez for unauthorized Use of office and for using the association(Ascoss) office to run his cyber cafe business stressing that it is illegal and not authorized by the school management.

According to report gathered, The school security seized all his electrical gadgets and arrested him, all pleadings to the security by the department of computer science part time coordinator to the security were on deaf hears as the matter was reported to have reached the C.S.O at the main campus.

Meanwhile, Comrade Akinez, a young entrepreneur had been working  in a cyber cafe owned by one Alfa at mini mart in the satellite campus before his assumption in office  As ASCOSS president.  

In a phone conversation with Comrade Akinez, he Confirmed the incident to be true, he said:

" Yes it's true I was arrested three hours after I resume office today, the security accused me of using ASCOSS office for private business meanwhile this is what I do to sponsor my education even before my assumption in office as the faculty president,  so I can't leave one for the other I have work things out simultaneously to strike balance.

All my gadgets were seized by the security and pleadings by my coordinator and well meaningful students in the school were on deaf hears as the security insist the C.S.O have been briefed on the matter, till this time I didn't see any C.S.O from main campus. My arrest by the security is a set up by some unscrupulous elements.

The security has released my gadgets this evening  but the office is still on lock, I will sort it out tomorrow. I have written down my statement, I never defraud anyone so I have nothing to fear about." he said 

Some students who spoke with our correspondent said the security at the satellite campus were angry because of a video trending online showing how a  security extort fresher's to aid their clearance registration at the C.E.C campus. 

According to one of the student who don't want his name mentioned, he said: " The security officers were  angry because a video was posted online last week showing how a security officer collect money from fresher's to aid their clearance registrations they thought Akinez knew about it."

ASCOSS president however stated that he will be using his former shop at mini mart and continue with his business. 

ASCOSS office is still locked  Up till 7pm today as at the time of collating this report.

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