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ESPU Reluctance To Conduct SUG Election (An Infringement Of Students’ Right To Have A Viable Leadership)

....Nigerian Students raise alarm to NANS, NAPS and others to move Secretariat to ESPU campus

By Tunde Bright Olorungbotemi, Auchi

"The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew"
By : Abraham Lincoln

The management of Edo state polytechnic usen earlier this year promise Nigerian students Precisely Espuites a free and fair election in next session, unfortunately, they dissolved the Existing SUG Body, which the earlier is against the Article 12 section 1 subsection Il of Edo state polytechnic usen chapter Union’s constitution which states” The election will take place on or before 28 days to the second semester exam”. They gave flimsy excuse that they were expecting the DSS clearance report on the aspirants.

Moreover, there is no security threat to the Management, student and community that can impede the Election.

They set up a toothless bull dog called caretaker committee, Since then, Nigeria Student Precisely Espuites were without viable leadership to fight for their cause.

Moreover, The SUG Constitution accommodate caretaker committee pending the Election. Article 12 section v subsection 1& 2 states
“1. In a situation where the election could not hold ,a caretaker committee shall be set up by the school management to control the activities of the student Union pending when they will haven the electionSuch a committee shall not last more than three (3)months.”. Since then they are reluctant to conduct the student Union government Election , And student has been paying the union dues since resumption .

While speaking with correspondent the students Raise their concerned and crying out to the general public, National Association of Nigerian students, National Association of polytechnic students – Edo state government, ministry of Education Edo state, traditional rulers, gentleman of the press, human Rights groups e.t.c to help us to appeal to the Edo state polytechnic usen management Led by Professor Abiodun Falodun to stop deny student their inalienable right and allow the students' Union government Election to hold.

We implore every student of Edo state polytechnic usen (Espuite )to be law abiding citizen of Federal Republic of Nigeria and remain calm and be optimistic.
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Say No to injustice
An injury to one Student is an injury to all.

We want SUG Body back.

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