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Comedy Show: 'My Gp must laugh' is my most accomplished event- Popular MC, Jolomi


By Adetunji Ololade(Mr Money), Ekiti 

Jolomi Israel oluwasegun Popularly known as MC Jolomi is a comedian and a student of the federal polytechnic Ado Ekiti, he is the convener of the F.P.A entertainers club and organizer of the F.P.A campus award, first of its kind in the polytechnic. MC Jolomi is a very jovial person everyone would love to be with. The Ondo indigene has performed at various events in the south western States of Nigeria.

Read VAM correspondent (Mr OLOLADE ADETUNJI) interview with MC JOLOMI to hear his advice to event planners, learn more about his style of humor, what drives him and what he likes to joke about.

What inspires your comedy? What do you like to joke about?

"I would firstly thank God because comedy is a natural gift and what usually inspires me is my immediate audience, that's why my comedies or jokes aren't based on fallacies but nature."

How did you get started?

"I started with drama ministration actually before giving church programs a trial and i combined socials in secondary school."

You have many talents; master of ceremony, Acting, comedy which of these do you prefer doing most ?


What types of events have you done?

"I do religious, corporate and other social events for schools, communities and many alot more."

What’s your most accomplished moment?

"My most accomplished event is 2018 My Gp must laugh comedy show in EKSU."

You are one of the most popular entertainer in your school(Adopoly) and in Ekiti can you tell us how you began your comedy and people reaction then compared to now?

"It has not been easy though with the help of hard work and steadfastness in the field as well as loyalty to fans in terms of building a cordial relationship between myself and my immediate environment, God has been taking charge."

What are the challenges you faced as a comedian?

Jolomi sighs and said: " The only challenge i usually talk about in this field is the usual routine of breach of contract that may exist between organizers and myself which are usually in line with compensation of service rendered"

You are the organizer of FPA campus award, first of its kind in Fedpolyado What inspired you For organizing this event?

"My initial plan was to have an annually staged comedy event in my name to boost my fame but when i realised there's need to fulfil my vow to always lay a positive impact in every environment i find myself, i have to do something that will not be benefited by me alone but the general public of my current environment (FPA) as well as building a social legacy the coming generation of the institution will celebrate with the hope of booking my name in the book of the legends." Jolomi laughed.

Artists in Fedpolyado  are complaining about the school not being supportive in terms of Promoting students talent, Do you experience something of such and how has the school contribute to your talent As one of the popular MC on campus ?

"This is happening because those complaining have not sacrificed for the school. The school does not support the scholars of the institution if their brilliance is yet to be weighed or evaluated not to talk of socialites. I will just advise all talented students of FPA to continue the hard work till we finally get the grace to get to stardom."

During the last  Inconclusive  SUG election, you contested for director of social Why? Is politics your hidden talent ?

"I enrolled in politics because of my motive to develop social life on campus introducing fresh ideas. That will become a legacy for the coming generation to work on or probably repackage."

How do you feel when you were disqualified from contesting two days to the election?

"Not really good but i saw it as a platform to make me strong event when i fail."

How do you want your career to be?

"I want my career to be a blessing to many. i.e a source of encouragement to the weak upcoming entertainers."

After school what do you intend to do?

"I will Focus on my brand"

Who has been an inspiration to you, comedian and/or non-comedians?

"In the comedy industry Alibaba, In the music industry 2baba, In the Christian film industry Mike Bamiloye"

If you were in some other kind of art, what would you be doing?


What advice can you give to readers who are planning an event?

"Believe in possibility."

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