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ADOPOLY: 'HOSTEL, ABA Or Town' Which one is the best for accommodation?

Written By Adetunji Ololade(Mr Money)

Registration for the newly admitted students of the federal polytechnic Ado Ekiti had commenced in earnest, after registration another criteria to put into consideration after admission is accommodation. Hence there's is a need to ask this question; Hostel, ABA or town which of these is situatble and the best For accommodation?. Actually all the three options are good depending on your choice and capacity.

In this Article, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each from experience and my findings.

Satellite campus is different on its own, students offered admission into evening like school of Business will need to seek accommodation near the school(Cec) around Fabian, falegan, delight, Egbawa, Ekute ola Oluwa among others. 

This Article is meant to guide the newly admitted students that will be receiving lectures at the main campus on the best place to seek for accommodation among the three options; HOSTEL, ABA and Town.

SCHOOL HOSTEL: School hostel is an accommodation system being managed by the school management to accommodate full time students at all levels. The hostels are majorly three which are the POPULAR ABUJA hostel for males, Lagos hostel for dignified ladies and Annex for ladies and gentlemen. The school hostel is the cheapest among all accommodation in the polytechnic as the cost for bed space per session is #10,000. 

Apart form the cheapest price advantage, Students living in the school hostel; ABUJA, LAGOS and ANNEX enjoy free electricity. There is no need to pay for electricity bills while living in the school hostel. Students living in the school hostel also have access to quick information, there are some situations that happens in school in which the hall residence will be aware before it gets to ABA or town which makes hostel unique accommodation system and best for FPA students.

NEARNESS TO SCHOOL: Hostel accommodation is within the school so no need of struggling to meet up with your lectures. If you have lecture by 8am and wake up by 7:40am you can still catch up with your lectures. 

YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT EASILY: There is no need for you to panic about foodstuffs or provisions you can get all these within your hostels.


1. EMERGENCY VACATION: Don't be surprised the school can ask you to vacate the hostel anytime and you have no choice than to obey. This happens when violence erupt on campus example is the last SUG election violence. The school management ordered immediate vacation from the school hostels. What if you have  no place to lodge aside the hostel? OYO LOWA  

2. PRIVACY: seeking accommodation in the school hostel will be a wrong choice if you are the type of student that loves privacy. Each hostel rooms has a minimum of 4bed space. Most times the students have to go to fellowships and night class to prepare for exam due to the noise pollution and incessant attitude by their roommates.

You can't entertain visitors anyhow you like in the school hostels, also there is a schedule time for visitation between opposite sex.  Your privacy policy will be violated if you seek accommodation in the school hostel. In addition, the network in the school hostel is very poor.

UNFAVORABLE LAWS: There are so many laws for the use of the school hostel part of which are; Use of electric stove, Opposite sex are not allowed to visit one another from 7pm etc. What if your gas finish and have electric stove as alternate? That means you won't be able to use it, also your boyfriend/Girlfriend won't be able to pay you a visitation due to laws. 

STEALING/Pollution: Another disadvantages of the school hostel is pollution and stealing. The hostels are dirty and noise pollution is a challenge for students studying during exams. If you are not security conscious you may lost all your gadgets as students take advantage of the hostel to steal.

THE  TOILETS AND BATHROOM IN THE SCHOOL HOSTEL ARE BAD:  The School hostel toilets and bathroom are so bad, sometimes students in Lagos hostel bath in the bush or outside the hostel bathroom. You should be able to relate to that kind of scenario when your soap drops and won't be able to pick while bathing. Aside that some of the students in Lagos hostel precisely confirmed that the toilet and bathroom is a major challenge them.  



ABA is a community of students and Egbiras very close to the school. This is the second option for students seeking for Accommodation. ABA is also the  best place to seek accommodation especially if you want privacy and unable to cope with transportation challenges of living in town. You can easily attend lectures on time, visit the school anytime you want and also catch fun with thousands of students living in the community.


1. INDEPENDENT: You can decide to stay on your own without roommates and live your life the way you want as nobody will query you. Your privacy will not be violated and you can use electrical appliances of your choice depending on agreement between you and your landlord. 

2. REDUCE STRESS: You don't need to stress yourself much, you can get all what you need in ABA either food stuffs, provisions, boutiques and POS machines are all available for your needs. Also ABA is the best option as you don't have any problem in as much you have money. Also you can trek to the school from your hostels. ABA is very close to the school. So seeking accommodation in ABA will reduce academic stress.

3. STABLE ELECTRICITY: It is no longer a News that students living in ABA enjoy power supply 24/7. There are sometimes the school hostel won't have light but in ABA, power supply is always stable except if there is any faults.  This stable electricity have cintrubutes to students into entrepreneurship  especially those who run online business. 


1. EXORBITANT BILL'S: The Bills in ABA is too much starting from the electricity bills, house rent, agent charges among others. The minimum house rent in ABA now is 45k with high electricity bills charges. Many students can't afford this and that's why Students in ABA opted for roommates to save them from the huge fee.

2. HIGH STANDARD OF LIVING: The standard of living in Aba is so costly, this is because most of the traders buying and selling in the community are Retailers  so they charge more than the normal price because they believe the students have no other choice than to buy from them.

3. POOR NETWORK: The network in ABA is very poor. There's no specific network that has a good connection in Aba. Network challenges is one of the problems abarians are facing. You can't enjoy adequate internet access in ABA due to poor network in the community.

4. SECURITY: There's is no guarantee of safety in ABA unlike the school hostel which have security to check around at night. Most times there are reported cases of crimes especially in 2019. Robbery is the major security challenges but you have no problem in as much you are security conscious and  law abiding.

5. UNSTABLE POWER SUPPLY: ABA is a community that enjoy regular electricity also the students there are the one that suffers electricity challenges most. Sometimes  light is been taken and unrestored for weeks.

6. BILLS PER SESSION: All Bills in hostel and ABA is per session unlike town which bills are being paid monthly or yearly. After a session you will be asked to quit your hostel or renew your bills in ABA. This frustrates students because you might still be battling with your project where as the session has ended, so you have no choice  than to quit either you are through with school or not.

Commuters are students living in town which is a bit far from the polytechnic unlike ABA and hostel  close to the school. Commuter students seek accommodation in places like poly junction, Mathew, oloke meji, oke oniyo, Ekute, Ajilosun, Ureje, immigration etc. Town is affordable accommodation and also the best as you don't spend much on electricity and other bills unlike ABA but the major challenges is transportation and stress.


1. NEARNESS TO THE  MARKET: You can easily trek to the market to get what you want at cheap prices Unlike ABA or hostel where you will be charged above normal price.

2. BANKING AND FINANCE: Not all Banks are in the school, only two banks are operating in the school which are first bank and heritage bank. So staying in town will Save you from Excessive Bank charges As all you need to do is walk to your bank and do whatever you needed to do unlike Hostel or ABA where you have no choice, you will be charged #100 for transaction on POS and #65 for using other Banks ATM in the school but in town you don't need POS, you just walk to your bank to find whatever you want to do and this reduce your financial spendings.

3. AFFORDABLE HOUSES: The houses in Town are so cheap ranges from #18,000 and above per year unlike ABA and hostel where you will be charged per Academic  session.  Living in town is cool you don't pay Much bills even the electricity is very cheap. The standard of living in town is okay compared to town.

4. POWER SUPPLY, ADEQUATE NETWORK AND TRANSPORTATION: There is Adequate power supply, Adequate transportation and network in town, you can get cab easily in town to any destination of your choice but reverse is the case in ABA or hostel as transportation is one of the challenges every student  especially commuters in the polytechnic face daily.


1. TRANSPORTATION CHALLENGES: The Major challenges every commuter students face is transportation. There are no enough busses to convey students to the school, the commercial busses available are  costly for most students. This is the reason why students seek other ways to get themselves to the school by opting for a lift. This challenges will make you miss lectures or attend class Late. Living in town can make you miss Tests due to the long  distance to the school and transportation Is a big challenge.

2. EXAMINATION: Most of the commuter students  Stayed in ABA during Examination due to the stress of going to and fro from the main campus to town. So if you can't cope with stress then Town should not be the best  option for you especially during exams when students are always broke. 

3. FINANCIAL CHALLENGES: Most of the  commuter students Are working class, while others are either entrepreneurs or have source of income. Staying in town will be a wrong choice if You  only depend on your parents because transport charges everyday costs #200 and #1,000 per week. If you do the mathematics its almost same with that of ABA. 

So I will advise you to think very well and consider my points above before choosing your choice.

Drop your comments on your observation, correction   through the comment box I will reply you.

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