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Will FG pay ex-Corps members minimum wage arrears?

What is minimum wage?

Minimum wage has been defined as the lowest salary that an employer is mandated by law to pay workers. This usually come, following negotiations between Labour Union and Federal government. Once the President sign minimum wage into law, employers who pay below the minimum wage can be sued to Court.

Will FG pay ex-Corps members minimum wage arrears?

Both ex-Corps members and serving Corps members will receive the new minimum wage arrears. However, those who will receive this arrears are those who were in service when minimum wage was signed into law.

That means minimum wage arrears will be paid to those who were in active service between April and December, 2019.

What date did Buhari sign N30,000 minimum wage bill into law?

The National Assembly passed the minimum wage bill on March 19th 2019, and it was transmitted to President Buhari on April 2nd.

On Thursday, April 18th, 2019, President Muhammadu Buhari signed the new minimum wage bill into law.

How can minimum wage arrears be determined?

The old minimum wage is N18,000 and the new minimum wage is N30,000.

Therefore, N30,000 – N18,000 = N12,000.

It has been 9 months since Buhari signed minimum wage into law. Therefore, the minimum wage arrears for those that have been employed since April to December is N12,000 x 9 = N108,000.

Note: the consequential adjustment arrears include those that their salaries were reviewed upward because of the new minimum wage.

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