TODAY'S LEADERS FORUM PRAISE 2019: Politics Religions Agriculture Innovation Security and Economy in Nigeria - DR. ADEYEMI A A


What is politics?

Though, we all know the meaning of politics, because in one way or the other we are all born into politics for instance, Politics starts right from our home, from Dad to mom and children, from brothers to sisters and friends e.t.c ,but let's give it some proper & Western definition according to how they told us it is.

Politics is the way that people living in groups make decisions. Politicians, and sometimes other people, may get together to form a government. The study of politics in universities is called political science, political studies, or public administrations.

In other words we can define Politics as thus  Politics is a set of activities associated with the governance of a country or an area. It involves making decisions that apply to group of members. It refers to achieving and exercising positions of governance—organized control over a human community, particularly a state. ... Politics is a multifaceted word.

Hope u are taking note of the definition.
Now, let us ask ourselves my dear brothers, sisters, mothers and  fathers in this platform.

Are we really practising Politics ?

The answer is supposed to be like mixing Acid and base together to give Aqueous solution Because real Politics is neither hot, warm nor cold. 

But in my dearest country (Nigeria) we are on Acidic side of the solution. Which says Automatically without thinking twice answer is No 

What are the impacts of this bad or let's say negative side of practising Politics has brought to us?

The impacts are uncountable without measurements at all, because in real Politics, there is nothing like do or die, but for my country ,it is do or don't do u shall die. 

Politics has made majority of our dearest friends to suddenly become Big Enemies of the year. 

Father and children has become cat and dog within the same roof, in fact husband and wife has turned to Samson and Delila.

All because of what?  

 And if we check it... Those we are dieing for are not in any way for us but for their own bank accounts and families.

The politics we do that makes an elder brother kill his own blood brother all because they are not in the same political parties.

Let's ask ourselves, are these people deserve our sweat?

As at now, at this very era of the world and where the world is heading to... There is no politician worthy of dieing  for in any means not to talk of giving out our sweats. 

Look, I'm not here to go against anything but to diagnose our problems and give solutions.

Now, let's come back home and relax a bit.
Before we move forward on how we are supposed to run Politics or being a politician.

 Let me quickly poke at Religion.

Hmm, one of our biggest problems in this Nation is Religious bias. 

I do doubt if we really know what the real meaning of religion is and how to engage in it.

Being a Christian and you being a Traditional or a Muslim doesn't neither block you and I to be friends nor any relationship between us.

But in my dearest country, We have taken religion on our head more than those who brought it: Jesus Christ, Muhammad (S.A.W).

It is my country's citizens that are always over reactive and highly religious bias.
 Religion has cause chaos in many families, we forgot that we are all serving the same God.

The language we call HIM are different and the ways we are worshipping are automatically same when we look at it deeply.

Majority of things Nigerian Muslims placed their on heads, ain't like that in Arab nations at all.

Infact, sometimes I do ask myself if we are really practising the real Islam in Nigeria.

 Likewise.. As a Christian, we have taken everything as if we are holier  than those who God sent to us.

Have you ever seen anyone's blood on the  floor with the inscription Christian or Muslim?
Have you seen a bone of a dead man that his/her religion was written on the bones at all ?

So why are we disturbing ourselves?

Can we fight for God at all ?

What Religion has caused us are unbearable!.

And if we look deeply I can vividly say... There is no family without both religion infact, some family completed it by adding the third to it (traditional Religion).

For instance, I have a friend which is typically a devout but his Mom is a devout Christian. Please are we expecting the son to kill his mom or hate her ?

When God already trap us to our parents especially our mother that: Our paradise are beneath our mom's feet.

To move forward in this Nation (Nigeria), we have to sideline our religious biasness  and live as one. We are all family, and same blood, same name, Nigerian.

 A man that is fighting for God and  in the course hates other religions, definitely such person should be making  Foods, water, clothes, cars, build his own house and do every other things by himself.
 This is because there is no way in one way or the other, a man from another religion wouldn't part take in whether what he wants to eat or drink or even wear, drive and live (house).

AGRICULTURE  Is  the backbone of every nation which no nation can do without.
Infact, any nation that don't have a natural means must search and get it  by all means ... Who can do without Food ?

But in my country, the song is sang differently at all times.

Our Leaders are singing ... I'm belle full, I don't know if anyone's child  is crying for food.

We have kicked off the ball of Agriculture that we are supposed to take care of, I can say with the level of my exposure, there is no Nation/country God  has blessed like Nigeria, even our Co-African countries are not as blessed as we are, but God gave us 4 and removed 6, with which we  are supposed to have 7-8 even if we can't get the full 10.

The four (4) God gave us are All minerals resources, Good weather,  Fertile Land and Non relent people (Followers) and God removed six (6) the power of six that can drive the four are Good leaders.

Many Countries doesn't have half of what we possess but the power of six they have makes the four useless infact, makes it seem as if they don't lack the four.

For instance, ... There is no Arab Nation with Good weather nor land or natural resources as we possess.

But by the power of Good, truthful, lovable, unbiased, Resources Management and Monitoring with God fearing Heart Leaders, they are doing far better than any of African nations,not to talk of my dearest country, Nigeria.

Nigerian leaders are for themselves, to themselves, by themselves.

By the Power of Innovation which is typically based on Technology, I know we can do better and move our nation to a better place rather than being in this mess we are.

There is no Nation that can succeed without the power of Technology, technology reduces man power, speed up task and reduce the time used on a particular work.

If our Laders can welcome the idea of waking up the Technological powers in us ... There wouldn't be any Nation that can lead us.

• In Technology, the security power will rise.

•Economic will grow.

•Corruption will reduce drastically or even stop.

• Losing of lives will stop  in both Politics, Health, Transportation and  other sectors.

•Many things will  be cheap and will be readily and freshly available.

Are there no side effects for Technology?

As we all know, there is nothing with good sides without an iota of bad sides.
But in Nigeria, we really do pay attentions to every bad side of every good things that came to us.

For instance,... Let's branch to Media Nation.

One of the biggest problems of this country is Media such as Tv, radio, social media and etc.

Misuse of our Media are so much and unbearable.

Through TV & Radio stations joined with social media we have caused many Problems and tarnished Our nation's image more than anything.

There is nothing good going on with any Nigerian abroad or at home you can  neither see nor hear through the media. 
Why ?

This is because everybody are all for themselves, Media want to make money through people and hence do that by giving people some fake and sad news that people can venture and gain people's interest.

We have forgotten that, all those bad news about our Country, it is not only Nigerians that are reading or hearing it.

Many other Africans countries are on us, Europeans, Americans, Arabians, Asians and even no Man's land.

These fake and bad news about  Nigeria ... Whether within  or outside the county has bad dented our images and infact has cut off some people's job. 

There is no nation in this  world who knows Nigeria as a good country , unless we want to deceive ourselves. 

Our images are so much dented  that  to repair may not be easy at all.
 The strategy at which our media houses are presenting news about our country or her citizens are so much unprofessional and sad.

There is no country without their own problems, infact all these Americans, Asians and  Europeans are worse than Nigeria in everything but you can't know because there are some guidelines guiding each and every news they broadcast.

And apart from that...
 Those who own the countries love their countries wholeheartedly, unlike us, that ain't patriotic.

They protect their nations with their hearts and Love the name.

It's the other side on we Nigerians, we hate eachother so much that all we care about is individualism, which can't take us anywhere.

What about social media.

The misuse of this are much more than that of TV and Radio.

This is because everyone now has access to Internet and smart phones.

Those two things are driving us crazy in this Nation and it's pathetic... For instance,
You will see someone in need of help, for example, may be accident or fire outbreak, and there is a victim  that's yet to die, instead of getting water to quench the fire or better still seek for help of others to rescue the victim admist danger, some people will instead bring their smart phones and start recording.

Now hearing: Oh Oluwa oo, which kind thing be this oo, we have not see this before oo, see human being burning like goat,  is that what we are supposed to do ?
Even  the majority of the news that are not supposed to be publicized but  are meant to die down in the four walls of our rooms have been broadcast smartphones' owners.

Some discussion about family, you wouldn't know when someone will hide and  record everything  and the next thing you will see is that it has been aired on social media.

Many more like that .... But by the power of Innovation (Technology) as well we can quench these.

For instance in China and Korea as well.

You can not just buy Alcohol anywhere, but in a supermarket and from the licensed marketers.

You can't publicly take alcohol unless you're 18yrs and  above.

To buy Alcohol you will need to present your Residence Identity card before payment and it will be checked by machine before been given to you.
But here in my country, no corner without Alcohol sellers,infact some fathers are sending their underage children to buy for them and even giving such to drink.
 There is no place you can be without being seen by  the gods at top (CCTV.) 
Whereas in my country, nothing of such!

 Security is highly needed in any country that wants to move higher.
Lack of security in this country brought about Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen, Armed robbers, Yahoo guys (internet fraudsters ) and other vices.

 In some advanced countries, Security by the power of advanced technology give legs to Nation to  stand firm.

For instance, in Nigeria there is no website you can not dash into in as much you have internet and Computer/smartphone.
To the extent, some underage children are now involving in many unheard stuffs than you can't even imagine being an adult.

 Which is the other way round in Advanced countries. Infact, in some countries, you can log into any adult website they don't want to know whether you are adult as well or not.

In some countries, if you want to buy some stuff whether for your health or home use or normal consumption, you must present your I.D card no matter who you are. 

But here in Nigeria do we have such?

No, to an extent that a day old boy can go and lodge in an hotel for a year  and nobody will query him in as much as he is paying his bills.

There is no way we can point at all these  that we wouldn't point to those working in security sectors.

Are they really doing what they are supposed to  do?

20% of those that are working in Security sectors are loyal to their job while 80% are corrupt.
Meanwhile, it's not really their faults but our Leaders in all  political sectors.
Imagine those that are in political offices receiving huge salary but those deserves to be earning salary are not.
 Politicians corrupted our dear peoples' minds due to their greediness and unfaithfulness to their Nation.

What are the things that can helps our Economy?

All the above mentioned points are what that can help us to build and boost our economy.
There is no way we can achieve anything without attending to those sectors above because they are the key points and back bones that uphold a Nation.
 Recently, there is one guy that lived in Ede and Osogbo but an indigene of Ibadan... His grandmother lives in Ode Omu.

The boy traveled to America with his mom some years ago and now a graduate of Robotic Engineering.

Being a Robotic Engineer, he created a robot that  can  be controlled by smartphones, which he said he wanted to work on the robot  so that it will speak 3 major languages in Nigeria (Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo).

 He also said he wants to make a robot that will be helping farmers on farms.
Apart from that young man, there are so many Nigerians that are doing well outside Nigeria and making things happening in big companies. 
Such as Chevrolet, Apple, Super computer company, Engineering company, Microsoft company and etc.

If we can gather all these people and create each and everyone field to train  others, these will do  a lot for us.
 All these can't be achieved without the active involvements of the Nation's Youth.

We are the only one that can stop all these. 

1) We should not allow any politician to use us, unless they can bring their children home and be at front to lead the political war.

2) We should all live in peace to fight religion bias by all means, we are all humans and worshiping the same God. The language may differ, but we all possess the  same bone, blood, skin and Nation.

3) Let us stop poking nose in foreign foods, they are not good for our health. Have you ever seen any white man afflicted with  Ulcer ? No, they can't but they are the one having Cancers. And right from the day we started having their foods and other stuff, we have brought a lot of diseases and problems in to African Nations generally. 

Let us guide and appreciate our own made, in it we can move forward.

4) There is no head without brain... Being a Doctor doesn't mean you can't do anything technologically that will help us or being a management student, innovation is a gift power of reasoning in turning nothing to something. Even if we can't do it, we can support someone doing it in achieving his/her target.

5) We are the enemy of ourselves, because of our bad and negative reasoning, we have lost many things we should have got.
Security is not only for those wearing Security uniforms but it's a collective work in making our nation a better place. My dear brothers and sisters, don't venture into things that will cause you everlasting wound to  yourself, family and Nation. We should not force anything in any bad ways for our own selfish reaaons.

6) In working collectively, we can achieve to be the name we are just bearing by mouth but by actions, Let us show the real meaning of "Giant of Africa"  by actions not by mere lip's phrase.

I rest my fingers here, ladies and gentle men in this platform.

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