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Nigerians react to the proposed N37 billion approved for National Assembly renovation by Buhari

President Buhari has approved N37 billion for the renovation of the National Assembly complex.

The amount, which is included in the 2020 budget, is however not part of the N128 billion allocated for the National Assembly for next year. The money is instead part of the 2020 budget of the Federal Capital Development Administration.

According to Senate president, Ahmad Lawan, there has been no major renovation of the National Assembly building for 20 years and many parts of the property had become dilapidated.

“We met the president and (it was) related the condition of the complex. The president responded and said he was going to renovate the complex. The phase one renovation will commence the chambers and committee rooms in the white house.

“N37 billion was sourced and was given. It was put under the FCT, not national Assembly. All we required is to have the complex renovated.
“When we are through with phase 1, we will go to phase 2. It is not under the control of the National Assembly. 

The complex is a national asset and is for the FCDA to take care,” he said.

See how Nigerians are reacting below:

Dr Aloy Chife
N37 billion for National Assembly renovation???
While our hospitals lack basic necessities and our children sit on the floor in our schools...etc, etc
Looks like a looting spree…

JJ. Omojuwa
N37b to supposedly renovate the National Assembly is another thing Nigerians can work together to fight. Those guys are unitedly raping you, this isn’t time to check whether you refer a broom or an umbrella, they prefer your future and they are eating it up without remorse!
1,919 11:59 AM - Dec 17, 2019.

Abacha, despite being regarded as one of the most "Corrupt Leader" in HISTORY built our National Assembly complex at a cost of $35.18m (N7bn then)
Now under the watch of one of the most "Incorruptible Leader" in HISTORY, N37bn has been approved for just its mere RENOVATION!
242 9:10 AM - Dec 17, 2019

I could say the renovation of the National Assembly is the last thing on the average Nigerian’s mind and I’d still be lying because such a frivolity is not on their mind. They want a country they can stop trying to escape, a system that supports their dreams and aspirations.
238 12:01 PM - Dec 17, 2019

N37billion to renovate the National Assembly t was built for N7billion
Also 1billion to be used for constitution amendment
Naija which way
18 9:33 AM - Dec 17, 2019

Jackson Ude
The N37billion approved for the renovation of the National Assembly which cost N7billion to build in 1999, is a “settlement” to lawmakers for Buhari’s third term or a six year single term!


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