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Meet Miss Cynthia Chiamaka Enemuoh, who graduated with first class from Nigerian Law School

My name is Enemuoh Chiamaka Cynthia. A graduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, and Nigerian law school, Abuja Campus.

It's no longer a news to all that I made a first class in law school, and it wasnt even a surprise to many when the result came out because I was the second best graduating student in my set in Unizik.

Making a first class in law school I must confess, takes a lot of hardwork and determination right from day one. I know that's what everybody already knows. However, It doesn't stop at the above because that would be degrading to my colleagues who fought hard but where still unable to get there.

So more importantly, I would say achieving the set goal is more of reading not just voraciously, but smartly with a combination of luck.

Reading smartly entails knowing what, where and how to read. Getting a defined pattern and sticking to it without being swayed by the patterns of others no matter how more organized it may look to you. Know what works for you and stick to it.
As for me, I read well, ate well, and slept really well. I just made sure I accomplish my set target for the day without pushing myself overboard because others are doing so. 

The lucky aspect is where the God factor comes in. Sincerely, holding on tightly to whoever you worship during the strenuous period is of Paramount importance because you just need that extra Grace to cross the finishing line.
As for me, I am a Catholic and believe it or not, I never missed a day of morning made because I was the student catechist. I offered up each mass to my aspiration, and I would say, it was worth it at the end.

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