Comrade Mayowa Adesanya Felicitates with Buhari at 77


I, Comrade Mayowa Adesanya , Seize this medium to celebrate your Excellency on your auspicious historic birthday celebration this day. 

I am most happy and glad that you spontaneously fought and reached the highest peak of your life without ceasing despite all odds wrestled against your ascension, and dramatically, hook-line and sinker you beat the challenges to extinction.

As the President of the Federal Republic, You have sowered greatness, since your youthful days from Military Head of State in the 19s by putting up strong measures, making Nigerians proud and most especially breaking the boundaries of inferiority complex in which Daurans have been a trade-marked.

Moreso, I join millions of Nigerians celebrating and also eulogizing your leadership acumen and multifaceted stand against Corruption, Poverty, and Maladministration as an astute disciplinarian.

However, Mr President , I am most optimistic that you can do better irrespective of what difficulty comes your way. You are a leader of impeccable capacity and also a father of a Nation glued by common descent and historical background . 

I Hereby, Urge you to use this auspicious birthday of yours to consider truism, equity and pedigree to seek succour and drink the purified water of clemency and justice by releasing incorruptible activists held hostage by your office and personality .

Good People!
Great Nation!

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