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Buhari At 77: NAPS VP elect admonishes FG to treat today in good form for a better tomorrow

The office of NAPS vice president national  affairs elect in person of Ayeni olalekan Olayinka aka Aare Anabury is using this radical medium to wish our beloved President, a happy birthday as he clock seventy-seven(77) today.

Buhari's family, Ayeni olalekan Olayinka

Happy Birthday to his Excellency, The grand Commander-in-chief of Armed Forces and President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari. 

The vice president is also using this medium to wish the president a long life and prosperity in good health condition but under same condition I would like to give some advice to the president over the economy condition of the country.

Firstly, CLOSURE OF THE BORDER.. Mr President sir, if I become the president today closing the border will be one of my foremost agenda, but before I take such step i believe, there are some radical steps in providing those amenities Imported from other countries. 

I wonder when the president close the border and most of this good has no substitute already. 

Now the border has been closed no more going back, but rather I believe we can work on so many industry and provide more aids to our local producers, in other to meet the needs of the people. Mr President I must tell you, people are suffering.

Moreover, I would love to condemn the act of borrowing 37billion naira in renovating our national assembly, mr President permit me to say this is uncalled for and it's below the problem, we should be finding solution to presently in the condition of this country.

Finally, Mr President i would love to drag you backward a little, some years back to the regime of Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo, he was the president of this great country, it's now a story same as people who has emerged after him, the position you are running today is temporary, only death is permanent and sure, let's treat today in good form for a better tomorrow, we have alot of story to tell to our unborn generations.

In a statement signed by Ayeni olalekan Olayinka Aare Anabury, NAPS VP national affairs Elect, urges Mr President to allow democracy, judiciary and rule of law have their stand among the citizens both young and old, poor and rich and so on.
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Once again,
Long life to you on Earth wishing you a happy birthday, in good service to this Africa giant, Nigeria.

Nigeria shall be great.

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