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Assessing Comr. Ugochukwu 30 Days in office: An era of Sustainable Development.

Assessing Comr. Ugochukwu 30 Days in office: An era of Sustainable Development.

In just 30 days in office, Comr. Ugochukwu Anichukwu has been able to achieve create a landmark of development, and a record of competent leadership.

 IMT Students partakes in International Brewery Foundation Exam

The International Brewery Foundation (IBF) Exam for 1 Year IT Students took place on Saturday, 30th November 2019.

The long awaited exam was conclusive on Saturday as a good number of IMT IT students sat for the exam with confidence. 

This feat was achieved by the SUG 2019/2020 led by Rt. Comr. Anichukwu Ugochukwu who on his speech, motivated the students to leave no stone unturned and flee any forms of distractions  while pursuing their future goals. He made them to understand vividly that opportunity seldom knocks twice, therefore they should take the exam serious, otherwise have themselves to be blamed. 

With the help of the IBF OFFICIALS together with the STUDENT UNION GOVERNMENT 2019/2020 & members of parliament and the judicial council, the exam was well conducted. 

Stay positive and experience the Unprecedented Transformation. God bless COMR. ANICHUKWU UGOCHUKWU ( IMT SUG PRESIDENT 2019/2020 )

IMT is taking a facelift and thereby we solicit for the support of all students in our Institution to work with Comr. Ugochukwu to achieve a glorious IMT.

Healthy Environment: Comr. Anichukwu Led SUG Embarks on Keep IMT Clean 1

The operation keep IMT Clean was launched within the first week of November 2019; with major aim to project IMT as an institution with global environmental standard.
A clean and healthy environment will always reflect in the way we live, our own health and the health of our climate. 

"We also want to make our school the most safest, healthiest and cleanest in the South Eastern Nigeria and the Nation entirely; so to achieve such goal, we need to be on our toes, working very hard until we see it happen." The SUG President stated.

"Until we achieve this feat, we won't rest; we are believing to see IMT get a new facelift in the nearest of time." Comr. Anichukwu continued.

Nearly a quarter of all deaths globally are the result of people living or working in unhealthy environments, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said.

Unhealthy environments – both inside and outside the home – cause the deaths of more than 1.7 million child under the age of five every year, according to two new reports released by the World Health Organization (WHO).

We are determined to put an end to Environmental. Hazards and create a sustainable environment for the students of IMT Enugu.

Life Beyond School: Comr. Anichukwu Empowers 50 Varsity Students

As the name rightly says, 'Life beyond School'. 
It was a program organized by  Comr. Anichukwu Ugochukwu to educate the students of Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu on the Nigerian realistic society. 
What awaits the undergraduates immediately they leave school, how to prepare for it and how to face it triumphantly; equipping one self with needed skills in the labour market that will set you on demand and make you prefered above colleagues.

The seminar featured wealth creation, career development, business ideas, networking businesses, acquiring professional certificate, securing space for industrial training (IT) at Glo, and international Breweries; about 50 participants were beneficiaries.

The exams for the IT attachment is scheduled to hold on the 23rd November 2019 after which the project will be completed as our first feat and development strides towards students empowerment.

We are so concerned about the well being and welfare of our students; together we stand, divided we fall

God bless IMT

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