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Students call for the conduct of another SUG election in Ado Poly


Autarian and combatant greetings to you from concerned students of Fedpolad.

On behalf of the entire fedpolad students, I write to officially bring to your notice our demand to conduct another SUG ELECTION or propel a CARETAKER COMMITTEE.

I will say the student union government is the only voice of the student as been enclosed in the union Constitution, A union govern by an elected or constituted CARETAKER are the representative of the student in agitating for the student's right and its also the highest decision maker of the student.

It's is a misery that our students right to vote and choose who govern their union as been stated by the union's Constitution as been truncated due to the irregularities that occurred during the last student union election by some students stakeholder, who were trying to highjack the result of the election in favour of their candidate.

Subject to this, led to a protest by the students in which the school management was left with no choice than to suspend all union activities within the campus till further notice. 

I will vigorously call your attention to the stipulated one year or rather 10 month of the present dissolved executive, who came to Power on the 27th of September 2018,  whose tenure is constitutionally over.  

The school second semester examination will be ending this week yet no information as been release from your amiable office to shed light on where our students union will be heading. 

As of now the tension of our next leadership and mode is yet to be revealed, even the aspirant are getting tired after lots of spending on campaign and consultation. 

Our union as been facing lots of tragedy as so far been witnessed, I must say the student of our institution are not happy with this but the fear of sanctions, are lying low and yet to go on rampage. 

On this note, on behalf of the student we appeal to the school management to Conduct another free and fair election or constitute a CARE TAKER Committee before the school academic session comes to an end.

Proper handing over of the current executive to the newly elected or constituted committee in due time to uphold the intermediary between the student and management. 

In a statement signed by ALUTA H I M with
07015874621, [email protected], stated that Just as we  await a favourable consideration from the management to uphold the student union government in due time.

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