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OPEN LETTER TO NIGERIAN YOUTHS: what you do for play- Joshua Nicholas

My heart bleeds as the news reads: "9,822 stranded Nigerians have been returned from 10 different countries in the past 18 months." It keeps on happening, day by day; and we have refused to learn over time. 

Where is the greener pasture?

 Which better life? 

What do you want to offer?

The youths of these days don't wanna settle down and take life easy. Many are not interested in investing in their abilities, and making something meaningful out of their lives. Everyone wants to get rich 'quick quick'.

A foreigner came to Nigeria and said: "I love this country, because you can literally pick money in the streets of Nigeria." Is it not the same country you want to leave, that foreigners come with just suitcase, two shirts and they leave with helicopters.

The questions we are meant to ask ourselves are, what am I seeing? What is the problem I have decided to solve for mankind? Because, money is just an attachment to the world of problem solvers. If you can affect lives and positively touch people, you will be looked out for wherever you are. Foreigners will come here to patronize your services. After all we have churches that are attended by foreigners every Sunday; they fly down to worship. 

What do you do for play? 

That is your talent! With what you do for play, you can get what to
do for pay. Everyman is endowed with one or more, you discover, if they are still hidden and recover if they have long been forgotten. Nigerian youths, do not inhibit when you can actually exhibit. 

With your painting, you can add colour to a colourless world and add meaning to meaningless things!

With music, you can lift up the spirit of the sick and infuse hope to a dying man! 

With your dancing, some can outrightly forget their circumstances and swing to a happy mood! 

With your drama, you can avert trauma and totally chase out dilemma! 

With your comedy, you can bring remedy to a disturbed heart and turn frowning faces to smiling minds!

What do you do for play? 

What do you derive joy in doing? 

Don't neglect it, because it might be your ladder to your dream life and an elevator to a turning point in your life.

Nigerians, with the little you have here, you can be of global relevance and affect lives all over the world. 

The answer to your problem is not Europe, it Is not going to abroad without Visa and the necessary documents. It is your potential, your skill and your strength; it can make you earn a pay from what you do for play. 

In that place, there are poor people; so what is assuring you that you will make it there? 

"An allegator that crosses the sea will not change to a crocodile." The problem is a mind problem.

We can make it here in Nigeria! Enough of the international insults and embarrassments! We will be travelling to those countries in dignity, respect and pride as a Nigerian; yes it is possible.

Let's end with a quote from Dangote: "I built a conglomerate and emerged as the richest black man in 2008 but it didn't happen overnight. It took me 40 years to get to where I am today. 

Youths of today aspire to be like me but they want to achieve it overnight; it is not going to work. To build a successful business, you must start small and dream big; in the journey of entrepreneurship tenacity of purpose is supreme!" 
Aliko Dangote.

There is hope for the Nigerian youth!
I see us conquering new horizons, flying into wider orbits and discovering new oceans!

The time is now - the time is right!
If we win, is our work - if we fail is our fault.

Proudly Nigerian!
God bless my Nation!!

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