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LAUTECH: Oyo- Osun ownership tussle spills to students, Ex-speaker leads hoodlums to beat and injure Ex-SUG president.

LAUTECH: Oyo- Osun ownership tussle spills to students, Ex-speaker leads hoodlums to beat and injure Ex-SUG president.

 Reports reaching our correspondence has it that a top personnel of the university management instigated and sponsored some sects of students who are Anti-Laurel (Ex-president) and are believed to be majorly members of the NATIONAL LIBERTY VANGUARD, a known notorious and violent group of students in LAUTECH, in which the said Ex-speaker (UTHMAN WASIU BABATUNDE)is part of the leader and face of the organization.

  The Ex-speaker is a graduate of Anatomy department and who had always opposed the Ex-president (Abiodun Oluwaseun) who is believed to be an ally of the Executive Governor of Oyo state Engr. Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde following his role in bringing the then flag bearer of the People’s Democratic Party in the last gubernatorial election in Oyo state on campus which led to the suspension of the President and the P.r.o of the students union by the kangaroo house sitting of the S.R.C by the Ex-Speaker, before  the management proscribed the union.

 After the re-instatement of the union through the intervention of the Oyo state Governor, the Ex-speaker has been looking for various ways to bring down the Ex-President but failed at every trial, instead the Ex-President was growing in influence and achieving several unbelievable feats. It won’t be a naysay to say the Ex-speaker is envious of the landmark and achievements of the Ex-President.

Recently, the Ex-President ceremoniously launched the LAUREL STAND ( a 320 seater multipurpose shed in the campus) as well as supporting 10 indigent students with scholarship worth 580,000 for the payment of the Rain semester   of 2018/2019 academic session tuition. He did not stop there as he also gave out entrepreneurship materials such as sewing machines, pop corn machines to entrepreneurship minded students of the institution. All these are said to be the reason for the several witch hunt of the Ex-President by the sect.

A day before the Executive Governor visitation, the Ex-speaker led groups of students to attack the convoy of the Ex-president in the students area of Under G, according to our reports which made us contact the Ex-President.
When contacted by our correspondent the Ex-President 
said, on the attack;
LAUTECH, is a great school and a great citadel of learning where morals and knowledge is been taught.I am a man of peace and progress I have always maintained the status quo to seek the progress of the institution with all my might, yesterday I wouldn’t have come near the event or school after I was attacked a day before by Otunba (UTHMAN WASIU BABATUNDE) and his boys in the street of under G with injury sustained together with the people I was walking with. If not the call by the Vice Chancellor (Prof Michael Ologunde) that I should be at the venue and represent the students I won’t have neared the venue for safety.

Other universities, of recent showed their stance when it comes to indiscipline and immoral acts by their students, if truly we are to set the examples and records straight then the school handbook has made it stance known on such acts carried out by the Ex-speaker and his boys before, during and after the visitation of the Governor.

In a bid to get me off the role to speak on behalf of the students and to gain entrance into the hall with the Governor, I was attacked with my clothes torn and my body injured before I had to change into another attire when I was asked to come inside.

A reprisals from my people would have turned the venue to a bloody environment but I let go, holding for peace and expecting the management to do what is right if truly they don’t know anything about the attack, cos rumor has it that a top official instigated their actions.  I took this path so as not to disgrace the university and soil it’s reputation in the presence of the Governor. As the students priority prayer remains the  major integral part of my speech to be delivered; which is

“Oyo state should take over and review the tuition fee payable by the students to match the present macro economic situation of the state as majority of the indigent students are been affected”.

As I speak I have been hospitalized at an undisclosed place brutally injured and recuperating. I hope the management works  on this matter as a lot of staffs and students witnessed the harassment, injuries and attack at the venue. With many expecting an action from the management of Prof M.O Ologunde who has promised during his inauguration that he won’t allow the attack of students on campus by a fellow students whatsoever.

There were recognized face from the attack before and after the Governor left, there have been several bullies on social media and voice calls from same sect of students who perpetrated the evil.

As we speak our correspondence will contact other stakeholders involved and brief the public in earnest of their position on this matter

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