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Amazing! See what Mr. NIGERIA said to Sophiestar as she celebrates her birthday

At first the letter started with what Sophiestar said to Mr. Nigeria, after which Mr. Nigeria continued from there and showered encomiums on the lady celebrating her birthday.

With the look of things, Mr. Nigeria seems to be emotional about Sophiestar, from the letter they met in 2013.
We wish her a blissful birthday celebration and many fruitful years ahead.
Mr. Nigeria even went further to profess his love for her.....hmmmm.

Below is the letter from Mr. Nigeria to Sophiestar

.."you pushed me above my equals. I hvnt really told u diz but I av to tell u dat outside God Josh u brought out d star in me. I ll live to tell pple dat u wer d first person 2get my name printed on an invitation for artistes. U made me popular....I was highly esteemed. U helped my career. God knows I truly appreciate u. U've done Noble, n may ur goodness speak for you. Words can't be enough to express my gratitude. Hbd once again dearie God bless ur new age"  uve said it all but to add to it, I wish the best for you ..I remember d very morning u were brought to my office by Comr. Dobra Basil immediately I saw you , there was this attraction ..that day in 2013 on ur school uniform.......


Saying that ur class had an issue with the principal, did u remember? And u were handed over to me. So I took you personal and ensured you were highly favoured amongst all other students..I fully remember all the occasions I took you out, I defended you on the phone, I talked to mummy to let you out, I came to the house to pick you and drop you afterwards. Because of you I had all reasons to be happy, Treasure, Goodness and Kleo came onboard with mummy; and ur family became mine. Till we parted ways I know wasn't always there d way u wanted me but I tried d little I could cuz of my schedule. IAM writing my own epistle now for you Sophiestar

You know I believe in you. I tried as much I could to sell you to the world which I know the impacts are still there today. You remember d day I saw that ur book, that you wrote how you want ur future to be like? Then I became scared of you and truly refer to you as a genius; back them you already knew what you wanted. U were growing fast to be a superstar and of course the Sophiestar. Till today most of those guys in the music industry still ask of you and where you are today. I still remember the few times I tried to tell u a story, the day I became your pianist when you did the song "Power in the name of Jesus" by Tasha Cobbs. For one thing you're Spirit filled and a Jesus lover. .......

The things of God are glued to your heart and u were the nicest being I came across with. I remember d wedding ceremony where you willingly took it up to wash d dishes even when everyone refused...lots to say about you Sophiestar. Although we parted ways and went our own different paths... I hold you dear to my heart and the very reason of all these epistle is for me to have my Sophiestar back. You know what I mean. That young visionary, focused diva, gospel singer like no other, and No.1 lover of God. Sophiestar I need all these back šŸ˜­šŸ˜­.. please šŸ™ I had to save it for ur Birthday. I hope diz get to u n Pierce ur very emotions ... I Love you ❤️ princess . Have fun ..ur gift will reach u. HBD

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