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A Roadmap, Blueprint of The Proposed Agenda of The Team Giving Back Powers To The Students, A Support Group For The emergence of DIO OGHALE EMEKA REX, A Presidential Aspirant of National Association of Polytechnic Students

“When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse becomes inevitable”.

Reverential greetings to the ever militants, corrosive and dogged Nigerian Students under the umbrella body of NAPS, solidarity and esteem regards to our senators, stakeholders, cadres and elders of our association.

For a man to assume leadership position, it’s his duties to define the organization he wants to lead, identify the problems and challenges facing the organization then bring out solutions to remedy the identified problems.

I DIO, Oghale Emeka Rex (SAP, SANS, CNSM, CNS), I’m not just running for the contest of the NAPS Presidency because I wish to run, it said “he who wears the shoe knows better where the shoe is paining him”, am an active student with a matriculated number, I have keenly followed the affairs of the leadership, I have identify both the problems the leadership and students are facing and the ones facing the leadership and students, hence I decide to render myself for service by saying, “send me to be the NAPS President in the next national convention and insha Aluta collectively we shall achieve the following;


(a). Welfare and Security of the Students:

The welfare of all students under the umbrella body of NAPS is sacrosanct hence in course of my emergence, 

i. the leadership will put to stop the unlawful, unjust and illegal arrest of our students by the men of the Nigeria police.

ii. reinstate unconditionally all political victimized students activists and leaders and freedom from prison/ detain all unlawful arrested students activists.

iii. ensure the total eradication of sexual harassment and molestation by lecturers.

iv. standing tall to promote, project and protect the legitimate rights of the students and also advocating for good governance.

v. giving powers and ensuring the independency of our students union government from management dictation and overall control.

v. set up a surveillance team that includes all local securities and the Nigeria police to help curb cultism, social and campus vises in our institutions.

(b). Communication:

“The difference between a poor man and a rich man is communication, because when you are not informed you are totally deformed”.

In recent times, I have discovered as research made it known that the only and major lacuna between the students and the association is lack of effective communication, hence if I emerge as the president I will bridge the communication gap between the students and association by,

i. provision of suggestions boxes in our various higher institutions.

ii. organizing of seminars and symposiums.

iii. sensitization and reorientation programs.

(c). Unity among Students in the Nation:

i. promotion of the Africa culture and heritage of different ethnic groups in our various institutions.

ii. strengthening and rebranding the face of modeling in our institutions and organizing the NAPS pageantry.

iii. improving sports activities in our institutions and organizing/ attending sports fiesta and competitions.

iv. making NAPS known and more famous to the world through improved and well use of social media in attracting both human and infrastructural development.


It will be my sole responsibility to encourage and appreciate the works and labour of our students, for the reward of work well done is ability of giving more work, hence my leadership will ensure;

(a). I.T Placement:

i. provision for at least first and best ten (10) students in Accountancy and Banking and Finance department for I.T placement in any bank(s) in the community the institution is located.

ii. provision for at least first and best ten (10) students in mass communication department for I.T placement in NTA and other news houses in their respective state.

iii. establishment of the Engineering Exhibition and competition.

iv. establishment of trade fare for fashion and design, fine and applied art, production operation management, human and tourism management, marketing, business administration and management departments respectively in all institutions.

(b). Scholarship programs and Job opportunity:

i. oversea scholarship to best graduating students in all institutions through the bursary and scholarship board of her state of origin.

iii. retaining as staff the overall best graduating student in all institutions.

iv. recommend for job placement the overall best graduating students in Accountancy and Banking and Finance department to all banks where the institution is located.

(c). Infrastructural Development:

i. revamping of our polytechnics, monotechnics and colleges of technology.

ii. facilitation of ultra modern library through NDDC to institution in the Niger Delta region.

iii. facilitation of Union secretariat and vehicle through TETfund, NBTE.

With you, me and us collectively we shall get NAPS working again.

Pray, Support, Mobilize and Vote;
DIO, Oghale Emeka Rex for NAPS President.

DIO, Oghale Emeka Rex is a HND1 Student in the department of Office Technology and Management and a struggle minded student leader who is a believer of the NAPS Emancipation, a renowned Student Activist, a Social Crusader & a product of the Scientific Struggle of Aluta.
DIO, Oghale Emeka Rex is allergic to Oppression, Intimidation, Victimization & a believer of equality & the emancipation of the downtrodden.
DIO, Oghale Emeka Rex is a Pan Africanist & a Nationalist.

Together we shall collectively take NAPS to an enviable height in promoting and showcasing our culture and heritage.

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